Anglian Boxer Club - Jan 26th, 2002

The Anglian Boxer Club held the first Championship show of the season, at Newark showground, where BIS was the Dog, Boxken Bottle a Beer, Res BIS & BPIS was also the dog, Designer Game of Glenauld. These awards were decided by my co-judge Mrs Sue Harvey, without the need for discussion.

I was struck by the amount of good males we have at the moment, there are at least ½ dozen in today's entry who could, with luck gain their titles and the overall depth of quality is better than it has been for several years. That said we must not get complacent, not everything is the garden is rosy. Mouths are still generally abysmal, with good one’s being the exception rather than the rule, and although shoulders are improving, there should be a growing concern about front movement, there are far too many (big winners included), who seem to have a weakness in the pastern joints, causing suspect actions ranging from slight pinning to virtual breast stroke. Something that can be corrected quickly is the condition of some dogs, there are too many suffering from “who ate all the pie’s” syndrome.

I consider both my main winners to be exceptional. I do have minor concerns for the future as, they are both very finished in head for their age leaving little room for further development, however my job was to judge them “on the day” not as they may or may not end up.

MPD, 15/1abs,
1/ Miller’s Walkon Buzz Lightyear,
Tall rangy b/w with very good headpiece, correct eye with soft expression, held overall shape on the move, showing confidently for 1st time out, bit “on the leg” at present, needs to drop in brisket and further develop in upper arm, but still quite raw, has scope. 2/ Watson’s Roylark Portland Bill, Smaller more compact r/w well proportioned square outline, good shoulder placement, pleasing balanced head, another on his debut, well schooled, close decision. 3/ Pynegar’s Sulez Solero at Berwynfa.

PD, 10/2abs, excellent class.
1/ Mair’s Designer Game of Glenauld, Outstanding r/w of nobility, excellent balance of substance to elegance, crested neck flowing into well laid shoulders, evident forechest, well boned straight front, short strong back, well muscled correctly angulated quarters, lovely head with good rise of skull & well padded muzzle,good mouth, moved with purposeful easy ground covering stride holding his shape well, loved him, strongly considered for the big green card, Res CC, Res BIS, BPIS. 2/ Parker & Martin’s Olleyville Heaven Knows, Top class db/w shown in hard condition, with excellent head and dark expressive eye, correct front assembly with tight cat feet, firm topline well held, strongly muscled rear, strode out with drive and purpose, unlucky to meet 1 in such excellent form. 3/ Carnaby’s Tartarian Gold Dust.

JD, 3/0abs,
1/ Box’s Boxken Bottle A Beer,
Classy b/w straight from the top drawer, beautifully balanced and proportioned body providing a stylish clean cut outline, super shoulder placement, strong bone, tight feet, flat back, bang on tailset, excellent quarters with evident 2nd thigh, short hocks, sound free striding movement, well chiselled headpiece with good width & depth of muzzle & good mouth, melting expression from dark well shaped eye. Top this with a ring manner & character, which reminds me so much of Daz (Ch High Command) I could not resist him, CC his 2nd & BIS. 2/ Drinkwater’s Sulez Sonicboom, Another top quality b/w with good head and balanced body lines, good layback of shoulder, straight front, square appearance, shown in hard muscular condition which was apparent on the move, held shape well going round. 3/ Withheld

ND 6/2abs,
1/Wood’s Sandyne Northern Dancer,
Well proportioned b/w of good overall make n shape, correct shoulder placement, good topline & tailset, I have seen this dog with a sharper outline but today he looked a little stuffy, could lose a few pounds to advantage, basically a balanced head, would just prefer more filling under the eye, 2/Woolis’s Ramelon Remarkable, good head & expression, correct depth of chest allowing plenty of heartroom, good topline & well angulated rear, another who would benefit from carrying less condition. 3/ Brook’s Handina Jameson of Jinnybrux.

1/Beresford’s Golfgang Tiger Woods,
Very strongly made gb/w, well proportioned outline slightly tied in at elbow, good bone and feet, hammy quarters, head balanced but lacking filling under the eye and has a rather blank expression. 2/ Hagon’s Staleyway True Colours at Nickaz, Very alert & showy b/w with good ring attitude but slightly erratic on the move, balanced head very wide underjaw but poor dentition, good topline & turn of stifle, presentation could be better. 3/ Bee’s Wildax Midnight Express via Beean.

GD 10/3abs,
1/ Johnson’s Sonshoby Swagman,
Stylish gb/w, oozes quality, very good head with lean skull & correct width & depth of muzzle, well shaped dark eye giving intelligent expression, another with good shoulder and upper arm, correct depth of chest good topline & tailset, well angulated rear, held shape going round, last 4 CC. 2/ Bell & Beardon’s Belvern Demitrius, Slightly smaller more compact b/w with square outline, strong head but not coarse, dark expressive eye, good forehand assembly, short strong back, not as glamorous as some but so well made, strong well muscled quarters moved with purpose. 3/ Seeney’s Maranseen Sinfull Skinfull.

PGD 19/2 abs, very good class.
1/ Seeney’s Maranseen Summer Solstice, db/w with well chiselled headpiece flat cheeks, good rise of skull & stop, full muzzle, appealing eye & expression, ample neck clean cut outline with well laid shoulder, broad flat back, correct tailset sweeping hammy quarters, moved freely retaining his shape well, Last 4 CC, 2/Mcenzie’s Carkennar On The Ran Dan, Excellent headed b/w absolutely superb forehand assembly from shoulder & upper arm down to neat well knuckled feet, crested neck, correct torso with good topline and sweeping tuck up, shade light in quarters, lacking 2nd thigh, unfortunately emphasised as the rest of him is so correct, better musculation here could benefit. 3/ Drinkwaters Sulez Bundesign.

1/Groves & Hare’s Jimbren The Goffer,
Elegant b/w with unexaggerated neat outline, pleasing head with dark expressive eye and good rise of skull short back, square appearance, held shape on the move. 2/ Schofields Koppernox Toby Tyke, Heavier set b/w overall impression of strength whilst retaining sharp outline, shown in hard muscular condition, moved with drive & purpose, head just too developed for me. 3/ Mitchell’s Dicelon Really Debonair.

OD, 5/2abs,
1/ Bank’s Ch Showbiz for Faerdorn,
Ultra smart gb/w who excels in profile, crested neck, clearly defined withers, correct shoulder, short back, square appearance sweeping broad quarters, very good head with lean skull & blocky muzzle, just wish there was more of him. 2/ Shouler’s Ch Mackeneys Magical Moments, well proportioned/w, pleasing head, arched neck, short back giving square outline, good topline & tailset, well muscled rear, moved on a free stride. 3/ Miller’s Ch Roamaro Fun in the Sun with Walkon.