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Below is general information explaining what you can expect from a Seacrest puppy.

All my boxers are successfully heart tested for Aortic Stenosis, their grades advertised on the website. Their pedigrees are free of Cardio Myopathy bloodlines.

Typical Seacrest Puppy

Please click on the album icon to view a selection of Seacrest puppies of various colours and markings (note the differing shades of brindle, brindle is not one colour). Some are show stock and some are family pets but there is no compromise on quality.

Seacrest breeding stock is routinely heart tested by cardiologists in accordance with the National Boxer Breed Council Scheme for Aortic Stenosis. There is no known Cardio Myopathy in my bloodlines.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst some breeders including myself, are in the process of lessening the coefficient of their pedigrees, I have to point out that the breed average given out by Mate Select is too low. The mean average has been calculated using ALL boxer registrations. This includes the puppy farmers, the back yard breeders, and Mrs A using Mr B’s dog round the corner. Breeders like myself will never use any of this non health tested pet breeding (Billys Boy mated to Sallys lass) and therefore our coeffient in many cases will be higher than the breed average. It will continue to be the case that buyers are infinitely more likely to get a quality healthy puppy from a show breeder than any of those listed above.

My litters will be wormed at 2, 4 & 6 weeks with Drontal puppy liquid. They will be vet checked and their dew claws removed. They will be insured and micro chipped prior to leaving.

Clients will receive a comprehensive Puppy Pack, which includes starter food, along with all the information and advice you may need to rear and train your puppy. This will also include the Kennel Club registration, microchip documents, insurance certificate, and pedigree.

Best Buddies!
(the sort of home I like for my pups)

Please note that all pet puppies leaving Seacrest are routinely sold on a non breeding contract, and their KC registration certificates are endorsed to that effect. This is done to prevent indiscriminate and unqualified breeding. I bring them into the world so their future welfare is my responsibility. I can in special circumstances lift this endorsement.

At Seacrest great care is taken to breed quality Boxers, sound in mind and body, from heart tested stock, and they are offered for sale at sensible prices.

My reputation is your guarantee.

You can contact me by email at claire@seacrestboxers.com or ring me on 01902 546944