The Seacrest kennel has been fortunate enough to have bred/owned nine UK Boxer Champions to date, along with 3 International Champions, and gained many National Awards, including Top UK Breeder in 1999 and 2000.

As well as being a successful exhibitor attending the majority of the Championship shows held each year, I am a past secretary of the Trent Boxer Club, and was committee member for Tyne Wear & Tees Boxer Club for 15 years when I lived in the Yorkshire Dales, serving as Breed Council delegate for both clubs.

I am on the UK Kennel Club A1 judging list, and have been qualified to award CC’s since 1996. I am a true breed specialist. Although I have judged other breeds in the working group at open show level in insignificant numbers, I have no ambitions to pursue judging qualifications in any other breed.

I have been fortunate enough to be invited to judge overseas on numerous occasions, and to date have held appointments in Southern Ireland, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Western & Eastern Australia, and New Zealand.

uk championship show appointments held

  • Scottish Boxer Club March 1997, Bitches

    I awarded a second CC to limit winner, Ch Sulez Labelled With Love And the Reserve CC to 2nd in Limit, Ch Winuwuk Hazy Daze At Roamaro

    At this show 3 of my class winners went on to gain their titles (J,M, & L)

    Ch Sulez Labelled With Love
    Ch Winuwuk Hazy Daze At Roamaro
  • Cotswold Boxer Club December 1997, Dogs

    I awarded a second CC to Limit winner, Huttonvale High Profile. The Reserve CC was Open winner, Ch Blueprint Beern Skittles At Walkon

    Four dogs in my unbeaten line up were subsequently made up (J,M & L)

    Huttonvale High Profile
    Ch Blueprint Beern Skittles At Walkon
  • Anglian Boxer Club January 2002, Dogs

    I awarded a second CC to the Junior winner, Ch Boxken Bottle A Beer. The Reserve CC was the Puppy winner Ch Designer Game At Glenauld

    In the line up of class winners, 3 dogs went on to gain the title Champion (P, J & PG)

    Ch Boxken Bottle A Beer
    Ch Designer Game At Glenauld
  • Mancunian Boxer Club April 2002, Bitches

    I awarded a third CC to Limit winner, Ch Roamaro Maiden The Shade For Walkon The Reserve CC to the Minor Puppy winner, Berwynfa Va Va Voom

    From this unbeaten line up 5 of my class winning bitches gained their titles. (P, Y, N, G & L)

    Ch Roamaro Maiden The Shade For Walkon
    Berwynfa Va Va Voom
  • Scottish Boxer Club March 2008, Dogs

    I awarded a first CC to Yearling winner, Ch Verileas Dancing Deano At Jimbren The Reserve CC was the Open winner, Ch Walkon Made N Issue

    In a high quality entry, five on my class winners subsequently gained the title Champion (P, M, Y, N & L)

    Ch Verileas Dancing Deano At Jimbren
    Ch Walkon Made N Issue
  • I have also judged one All Breeds General Championship Show to date

  • Southern Counties June 2006

    In dogs I awarded a first CC to the Junior winner, Ch Sulez Shorenuff The Reserve was Limit winner, Ch Clarkenwells Rogue Trader In Bitches I awarded a third CC to Limit winner, Ch Sleipnir Viking Goddess The Reserve was open winner, Ch Sulez Black Magic

    Looking back at this show, I’m particularly pleased that from my dog line up of 10 class winners only two class winners did not make their title. My Veteran and Open winners were already Champions. The Minor Puppy, Puppy, Junior, Yearling, Maiden, and Limit class winners also subsequently became Champions. In Bitches my Puppy, Post Graduate, and Limit winners all gained their titles.

    Ch Sulez Shorenuff
    Ch Clarkenwells Rogue Trader
    Ch Sleipnir Viking Goddess
    Ch Sulez Black Magic
  • I was delighted to be in the final three nominations for the British Boxer Club’s Boscar award for Best Judge 2006. for this appointment, ultimately beaten by the famous All Rounder Liz Cartlidge. I also won the Boscar for Best Written Critique for this show. I was particularly honoured to be nominated for, and receive such an award, as they are voted for by fellow breeders and exhibitors.

  • Richmond September 2012

    In Dogs I awarded a 3rd & qualifying CC to Ch Walkon Okay Dokay with Lanfrese. The Reserve CC went to the Open dog winner, Ch Lichdel Uncle Silas at Winuwuk. In Bitches the Yearling class dominated. The CC was awarded to Ch Tartarian Kicks up a Dust, making her up on the day. Close up in 2nd and gaining her first green card, the Reserve CC went to Taranut Typecast. I was delighted to see her gain her title only months later.

    Again both sexes where 4 males became Champions (MP, J, Y, & L) and 2 bitches (Y & O) were also made up.

    Champion Walkon Okay Dokay with Lanfrese Ch Walkon Okay Dokay with Lanfrese
    Champion Lichdel Uncle Silas to Winuwuk Ch Lichdel Uncle Silas at Winuwuk
    Champion Tartarian Kicks up a Dust Ch Tartarian Kicks up a Dust
    Taranut Typecast Ch Taranut Typecast
  • This was a lovely day for me as my Best of Breed winner went on to win Group 2.
    I was so honoured to recieve the British Boxer Club's award the "Boscar" for my Richmond critique, for the 2nd time (previously Southern Counties 2006), particularly as this award is voted on by fellow Breeders⁄Exhibitors.


    The Dog CC was the Open winner, Ch Winuwuk The Outlaw, Reserve CC went to the winner of Yearling, Berwynfa Fully Loaded. Bitch CC & BOB was the precocious young Ch Maranseen Lustre who headed a stunning Junior class. Reserve CC was 2nd place to her, Redmol Ina Pickle at Macarmadale.

    At this show 3 of my class winning dogs (MP, P, & Y) gained their titles, in addition to my MP & Y bitches.

    Champion Winuwuk The OutlawCh Winuwuk The Outlaw
    Champion Berwynfa Fully LoadedCh Berwynfa Fully Loaded
    Champion Maranseen LustreCh Maranseen Lustre
    Champion Redmol Ina Pickle at MacarmadaleCh Redmol Ina Pickle at Macarmadale
  • I was delighted to again receive the British Boxer Club's "Boscar" critique award for LKA. This is my third critique award for my previous three appoinments.

  • Border Union Ch show June 2017

    At my most recent appointment in the UK, I awarded the dog CC to Winuwuk Scouting for Girls at Lorrossa, a 1st CC for both dog and owner. The RCC went to Ch Redmol Read All About It at McArmadale. In bitches it was also a 1st CC & BOB for the stunning Ch Jenroy Clarice Cliff at Longsdale, the RCC a 1st green card for Birleyvale Bellissima. Both CC winners are already on 2 CCs.
    Champion Winuwuk Scouting for Girls at LorrossaCh Winuwuk Scouting for Girls at Lorrossa
    Champion Redmol Read All About It at McArmadaleCh Redmol Read All About It at McArmadale
    Ch Jenroy Clarice Cliff at LongsdaleCh Jenroy Clarice Cliff at Longsdale
    Birleyvale BellissimaBirleyvale Bellissima

Analyzing my judging statistics

I’m exceptionally pleased that from the 26 Boxers I have awarded green cards to, only 7 were already Champions. From the remaining 19 dogs, 16 of them have subsequently gained their titles. Of the 3 that have not yet been made up, one dog was pulled out of the ring on 2CCs when his owner gave up showing, one’s show temperament sadly failed, and another tragically died young whilst still competing.

overseas appointments

My first overseas appointment was for the Swedish Boxer Club in September 2000. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and was impressed by the overall standard, particularly in bitches where my first three in Open bitch were then placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed best bitch. Best dog was a UK Import Walkon Devolution. Best in Show was the gorgeous Ch Ringside's Chanel, who headed the trio of stunning bitches who in my opinion could have won anywhere in the world. The other two being Ch Glenfall Fly Away Rubigo, and Ch Tyegarth Kestrel.

Ch Ringside's Chanel

A month later I was in Cape Town for the Western Province Boxer Club. Where Best Dog was Ch Dawkendale Crash Boom Bang. This dog turned out to be sired by a Marikarlos bred dog from Sweden. Best in Show was the bitch; UK Import Ch Mulbrae At Your Beck And Call of Mazarat who I believe became the bitch CC record holder.

In August 2001, I was invited to judge at an All Breeds Ch Show in Moss Norway. In a quality entry, the easy winner was a dog called UK Import Ch Gervalmark Flash Freddie From Walkon. I was mightily impressed by this dog and would have loved to have taken him back to the UK to show... I have been told he remained unbeaten for almost two years. If this is true It does not surprise me. Of all the UK Imports I have come across overseas this I would class as the one that got away.

Ch Gervalmarlk Flash Freddie at Walkon

In July 2003 I judged in Sligo Eire, My Best Of Breed was a stylish red bitch with a stunning outline. She was Killeaton Providence. I was pleased to hear she subsequently gained her Irish title.

Some four years later, I made a second trip to Southern Ireland when I judged for Navan CS in Dublin. In a quality entry my Best of Breed was Irish Ch Killeaton Grattitude. She is undoubtedly one of the best bitches I’ve put my hands on in recent years. She is Sired by Ch Winuwuk Lust In The Dust, and out of my BOB winner from my previous Irish appointment. She gained her first CC & BIS at the Irish Boxer Club and her second CC & BIS on her only trip across the water at the Scottish Boxer Club. I have tried several times to buy this bitch but sadly she is not for sale at any price. I would love to see this bitch gain her third and qualifying CC; she so deserves the title UK Champion, but her owner does not see this as a priority and does not show her to this end.

In the September on 2009 I achieved my life long dream of travelling “down under” when I was invited to judge for the Western Districts Boxer Club of New South Wales. This led to sub contracts to the Boxer Club of Western Australia in Perth, and the South Island Boxer Club of New Zealand in Christchurch.

At the first show held near Sydney, Best In Show was the Bitch, a NZ import, Aust & NZ Grand Ch Quasar Is Contagious At Blueprint. Reserve Best In Show was the Reserve CC bitch Ch Boxbar Stranraer Lady. Dog CC went to Ch Suromar Missionimpossible and the Reserve Dog CC was Ch Galicar Contradiction (imp UK) .Best Puppy In Show was awarded to Vineen Vivacious, who I’m pleased to say has since gained her title.

Travelling across Australia to the eastern city of Perth, my Best In Show was another NZ import, Eiched Sinz Of The Father At Boxlet. My Best Puppy In Show was from the baby puppy class, Boxlet Russian Roulette, and turned out to be sired by my BIS winner. I was pleased to learn that the dog has recently taken the same award at this year’s show where the judge was from Norway.

Eiched Sinz Of The Father At Boxlet

Then on to New Zealand, where My Dog CC and Best In Show went to the 4 month old puppy Quasar Cause For Applause. I went out on a limb somewhat, awarding the ultimate award to a puppy that is not even old enough to be shown in the UK. I did play devil's advocate with myself during my deliberations, but ultimately judging “on the day” he had to take it, as he was undoubtedly one of the most captivating and impressive Boxers I have ever seen at that age. I hold out hope to bring that breeding into the UK in the future.

Quasar Cause For Applause
Quasar Cause For Applause

Bitch CC was Ch Sivad A Thing Called Love who had travelled down from the North Island to compete at this show. The Reserve CC in males went to Ch Eisched Contraband, and in bitches was awarded to Ch Quasar Am I Contagious Too, who turned out to be the sister to my Sydney BIS winner.

Ch Sivad A Thing Called Love

The trip did not disappoint, I loved Sydney, and adored New Zealand. I fervently hope to visit both places again if I’m lucky enough.

In June 2015, I judged for the BSD Club of Ireland at their Ch show in Dublin. My Bitch Green Star and Best of Breed was Payne's Ch Willow Stars in her Eyes. The Dog Green Star was Keenan & Griffin's Ch Jamarrow Northern Star at Bessbox.

Dublin June 2015Dublin, June 2015