Scottish Boxer Club Ch Show
Sun 16th March, 1997

The Scottish Boxer Club held their Championship show at Loreburn Hall Dumfries. What a wonderful new venue. The Scots are so lucky to have the use of a hall with such good natural light and a good floor. All the facilities are excellent, and so easy for the motorway. I’m sure this played no small part in co-judge Anna Donnachie and me drawing the largest entry ever for UK judges, to the exhibitor’s thank you. It was a relief not to be in a leisure centre, where the dogs are usually yellow in the light and the facilities a bus ride away.

General remarks begin with the usual, mouths and shoulders. I won’t labour the point we must all know they need improvement a worrying fault creeping in is toplines. I am more than a little concerned that an increasing number of dogs, some big winners, have roach backs, surely this basic constructional fault it should not be overlooked. I consider the overall balance of an animal extremely important. Many dogs have “good bits”. It is only when those “good bits” fit together correctly in harmony that you have a balanced dog of superior quality. I was very pleased with the line up, many exhibits showing the characteristics I was seeking, balance, soundness, quality and type.

Best In Show was Bell’s Surfstone Hot Property, Reserve Best In Show Drinkwater’s Sulez Labelled With Love, both gaining their 2nd CC’s on the day. Best Puppy In Show was the dog Ward Davies Brown & Hutchings Winuwuk Lust In The Dust.

MPB:21-6 abs.
1/ Rushton’s Walkon Frangipani At Davnette.
Tall well grown elegant bitch with plenty of scope, balanced feminine head, wide straight mouth, ample neck well used, rangy and as yet unfurnished, the raw material is all there, she will need time as it should be. 2/ Andersons, Wilflo Cover Girl, smaller more compact gb/w lovely straight front with good feet, correct topline, good turn of stifle, well made but not quite the elegance or month of 1. 3/ Millers Walkon Fair Dinkum.

PB 13-1abs.
1/ Drinkwater’s Sulez Better Still,
classy b/w gorgeous head with evident chin, correct eye giving wonderful cheeky expression, good neck short back strong quarters, touch more foreleg height would give total balance. Much more ready than mp winner and beautifully schooled to take best puppy bitch. 2/ Strachan Able’s Made In Heaven For Socotra. Cobby d b/w excellent neck short coupled goof tailset tight true front not as finished in head as 1 just lacking filling under the eye, but correct dark eye giving desired expression. 3/ Malcolms Andsum Lily The Pink.

J. 9-0abs.
1/ Broughtons Tyegarth Muscatelle
b/w teeming with quality, this bitch stood away here, lovely sculptured head with correct lip placement, and very good mouth, correct shaped dark eye giving that typical “glenfall “ expression, strong rear, moved freely and with drive. Her sheer class and beautifully balanced body took her through to the last four for the CC, where she was strongly considered, I only just found 2 better on the day. 2/ Greaves Barbarossa Paddy’s Dream, another dark b/w solidly built, well off for bone with a square appearance and developed rear, strong head with well padded muzzle, out of balance compared to 1 on foreleg height, lost out on front assembly. 3/ Godwin’s Sultash Minnehoma.

M. 7-1abs.
1/ Peakes Shiloh Magic Sunbeam At Cherrygate,
strong sizable g b/w with bags of substance, good bone and plenty of heart room, broad back well angulated fore and aft, well muscled rear with broad upper thigh, moved with purpose, just lacked that touch of refinement. 2/ Mc Guigan’s Shiloh Magic Star At Staleyway, b/w with good head, short back, slighter build and touch more elegance than 1, good limbs and feet, did not hold her shape as well as 1 on the move. 3/ Donald’s Sarenak, Miss Maude.

n. 11-3abs
1/ Mastaglio’s Alexval Button Nose,
another big girl with substance, good bone, balanced head we4el arched neck of ample length, good forehand with well laid shoulders, short broad back, strong rear, carrying a touch too much condition could lose a few pounds to advantage. 2/ Fisher’s Huttonvale Hi Tech, slighter framed more elegant bitch well balanced head with good eye stop and lip placement, another with correct neck and square profile, strong well muscled quarters, now she is in with the older girls I wish she was a bit bigger, she lost out to 1 on shoulder placement. 3/ Astle’s Hillroy How’s Tricks.

1/ Miller’s Walkon Uppa Gumtree
gb/w good head correct muzzle to skull ratio and well shaped eye giving alert intelligent outlook, excellent neck, evident forechest, firm sloping topline, good spring of rib, shade over angulated behind, covered ground with ease retaining her shape, beautifully handled as ever. 2/ Tilley’s Mossport Dolly Mixture, d b/w gorgeous head and expression, goof front square in outline, correctly angulated rear, tail set not quite true, but mainly lost out to 1 on handling, I’m sure there is a better bitch in there than the one I was shown, but to be fair I don’t think she was putting it in either. 3/ Watson’s Roylark Top Class.

PG 11-0 abs.
1/ Mc Guigan’s Esangee Goody Two Shoes At Staleyway,
really smart g b/w with lovely head properties, ample neck correct layback of shoulder, short coupled, a body of correct proportions and balance, she moved with ease and purpose, so ,good to go over, I wonder why she has not won more, Last 4 CC. 2/ Anderson’s Wilflo Little Tucker, similar to 1 with flowing lines, good feet , excellent shoulder placement and developed rear providing driving action, not quite the head or expression of 1. 3/ Schofield’s Fascinating Rhythm of Newlaithe.

L 13-1 abs.
1/ Drinkwater’s Sulez Labelled With Love
an absolute stunner, square in profile this b/w has the perfect balance of the substance required with also elegance and style, beautifully clean cut head with balanced muzzle and a cheeky defiant expression, this bitch has attitude to spare, crested neck flowing into a good forehand, short back so well made it would be difficult to stand wrong, movement active yet effortless, proud to award her 2nd CC to go with the 9 Reserves 2/ Laidlaw’s Winuwuk Hazy Daze At Romaro, similar and close up from the same mould as winner, beautifully chiselled headpiece and captivating expression, slightly softer than 1 ( you can see her mother in her) another excellent combination of strength and style, moved with a free stride but not quite as positive behind as CC winner, on the day just piped the Junior winner for the Reserve CC. 3/ Graham’s Valabeau Knickerbox.

O 2-0 ABS.
1/ Whittaker’s Ch Bucksteps Bittersweet,
always a favourite of mine this 4 year old is a good today as she has ever been, copybook head well padded muzzle melting expression from well shaped dark eyes, good shoulder placement, big boned strong limbs and cat like feet. Shade long cast, going round the ring she held her shape with movement active and purposeful but slightly restricted in stride, Last 4 CC. 2/ Podmore’s Glenfall Bossy Boots At Dalgerry, this b/w has the most lovely headpiece in proportion with that unmistakable “glenfall “eye and expression, short coupled giving a square appearance, good limbs and feet, full of it today and gave her handler a hard time on the move, lost out to 1 on topline.

1/ Paterson’s Belmont Boadicea At Laywind,
and 2/ Sandiland’s Katiecroft Angelique At Hillroy. The winners clean cut stylish lines, active movement and youthful attitude much belied her age, at nearly 10 years she could still pass for 4 or 5. I gave her BOB at an open show a lifetime ago and to her credit she has not greatly changed. 2/ a favourite of mine in her heyday and she still score on her head eye and expression but like me she no longer has the figure of her youth. These two oldies really enjoyed their day and are a credit to their owners.