For Sale (Updated 16/01/2022)


I’m having to cut back due to a health issue and so I’m seeking a special home for Tiff, my 5-year-old retired breeding bitch.

She needs a home where she can live as she is used to here, which means a rural home with either it's own land or a large garden and country walks. She lives in the house and currently sleeps on the sofa, but doesn’t go upstairs. She needs the company of another dog, preferably male, not necessarily Boxer but not little dogs. Tiff would be the ideal “Aunty” for a new puppy to follow and learn from. She hates being left, loves the car but will guard it, would go in a cage for a short time but not to be on her own, loves her food, in fact is a piggie and will steal any food left in reach off kitchen units, is a bit lazy by nature won’t go galloping for long, she prefers gentle strolls to a 2-mile hike. She doesn’t like having to go out in the rain.

She would only be for someone who wanted a constant companion, not a pet to go lie in the basket whilst they go off and do things without her. She would be brilliant for someone living on their own, or fools like me for whom their dogs are family. She is a great guard dog but loves people as long as they are willing to wear her, she loves to sit on the knees of visitors invited or not, and likes children even though she has never lived with any. She is a vocal dog but not yappy, she will bark at strange noises or people coming on to the property, and makes very strange pleading noises when you are making her dinners. She has a wonderful sometimes comical character, and is very much a people person. Very loving and loyal, if she does something wrong and you tell her off, she smiles at you answers wu wu wu and tries to make light of it. She has always been of good health not one to trouble the vet.

My dogs are fed a natural home-made diet and I would want her to be kept on it. She is fed twice a day, breakfast and late lunch. They get minced turkey raw dog meat which can be obtained frozen, with various vegetables, some fed raw, others just boiled a short time, and a bit of pasta.

If you think you can offer this sort of environment and would be interested in giving her a full month’s trial, please contact me by sending in a completed litter enquiry form, but where it says anything you would like me to know mention her by name. I can send photos and videos on request and if you have questions, you can ring me. Please don’t be offended if I decline, I am looking for the best possible home for her, she so deserves it.

Litters 2022

There may be a flashy brindle bitch and dog available ready to leave for new home at the end of February.

I expect 2 litters later in the year, with bitches only being mated next week. Puppies from these litters will be ready to leave for new homes at the end of May. I will have no further litters for at least a year.

I may be able to put prospective owners in touch with a recommended fellow breeder.

If any of the above is of interest, please in the first instance send in a litter enquiry form, please mention what you are interested in from the above.

For further information please complete and return a litter enquiry form

To see what you can expect from a puppy from Seacrest, please refer to the puppies page. There are also many photos of previous Seacrest puppies in the photo Album.

To achieve the 'bobtail' which can be anything from a stump to almost a full length tail, the genes of a Corgi have been crossed with the Boxer gene.
Due to the mis-management of the original experiement by their creator, the resulting dogs got into the hands of the puppy farmers and commercial outlets. For this reason the Boxer bloodlines are also questionable, and the rearing of some of these poor animals is distressing.
Seacrest puppies are bred for health, quality, soundness and temperament. I will never contaminate my lines with puppy farmed commercially bred dogs that are the result of being crossed with a Corgi.