For Sale (Updated 02/04/2022)

Young Flashy Brindle & White bitch For Sale

Dyna was a year old on 9th March, and is a proper live wire. She is fit and loves free galloping, has great stamina for it, running rings around the rest. She is microchipped, fully vaccinated, and hasn’t seen the vet since. A very happy & playful girl, but she has been brought up during the covid era. As I live on a country lane, she has not experienced the level of socialising that mine normally would, so a lot of things would be new to her, hence I don’t consider her suitable for a busy town with crowds of people and traffic and exercise in public parks. My lot currently run free in the field adjacent to my cottage, and have the dog paddock booked twice a week. She is a great traveller in the car. She needs to go to a home similar to what she is used to, where she has the company of another dog, doesn’t have to be as Boxer but she would be too much for small dogs. She isn’t used to being left either. So not suitable for anyone going out to work.

Dyna. Young Flashy Brindle and White bitch.

She is a good eater, currently on a homemade diet (as all mine are) of minced meat from a local supplier called Landywoods, with various veg, some blanched and some raw, and a bit of pasta or brown rice. She can be changed over to a good quality recommended complete, but it would need to be a gradual change.

Her sire is a Champion male who is heart tested grade 0 and hip scored 6-6 (which is good). Her dam is heart tested grade 1 which is also a pass grade, and BOAS tested free. This is a new test for Boxers to prove they don’t suffer from breathing problems in the way many other Brachycephalic breeds do. Dyna could not be tested as she was too young.

The ideal home for Dyna would be with an active family who would take her along for staycations and give lots of regular walks, but other homes could fit the bill, and if you think you could tick the boxes described above, please fill in the litter enquiry form and mentioned Dyna by name, I will send further details upon request.

Litters 2022

I currently have puppies from heart tested parents, both sexes and various shades of Brindle, with black masks and white chests and toes. There also may be flashy Brindle male puppies available, but until I have assessed which is destined for the show ring, I can't commit to how many. They are ready to leave from 7th May. They will be fully wormed to date of leaving, microchipped and sold with 4 weeks free insurance and a comprehensive puppy pack with all the advice and information you may need to successfully rear and train your puppy. If interested please fill in the litter enquiry form. I also offer a post sale advice line.

I will gladly answer any questions you may have on 01902 546944, further information is available on request via phone or email but a litter enquiry form is the way I deal with initial enquiries.

To see what you can expect from a puppy from Seacrest, please refer to the puppies page. There are also many photos of previous Seacrest puppies in the photo Album.

To achieve the 'bobtail' which can be anything from a stump to almost a full length tail, the genes of a Corgi have been crossed with the Boxer gene.
Due to the mis-management of the original experiement by their creator, the resulting dogs got into the hands of the puppy farmers and commercial outlets. For this reason the Boxer bloodlines are also questionable, and the rearing of some of these poor animals is distressing.
Seacrest puppies are bred for health, quality, soundness and temperament. I will never contaminate my lines with puppy farmed commercially bred dogs that are the result of being crossed with a Corgi.