For Sale (Updated 25/04/2024)


We have a golden brindle flashy dog puppy available to a suitable family home. Basil is just 7 months old. He is house & lead trained, used to the car. Loves everything and everyone, no hang ups whatsoever, a very happy biddable boy. Fully vaccinated & microchipped. Bred from my litter last year, he currently lives with close friends in Middlesbrough, as we own him in partnership and they have been showing him. Now deciding to concentrate on the 2 bitches they also have, we decided a family home preferably with another dog or older children to play with would be ideal, or someone who will want to include him in all things. For further information just e-mail, or ring me on 01902 546944. To register an interest in having him, please send in a litter enquiry form. This is how I always deal with enquiries.

Basil, front view
Basil, side view
Basil, head view

Future Litters

I don’t expect a litter until autumn 2024.

To see what you can expect from a puppy from Seacrest, please refer to the puppies page. There are also many photos of previous Seacrest puppies in the photo Album.

To achieve the 'bobtail' which can be anything from a stump to almost a full length tail, the genes of a Corgi have been crossed with the Boxer gene.
Due to the mis-management of the original experiement by their creator, the resulting dogs got into the hands of the puppy farmers and commercial outlets. For this reason the Boxer bloodlines are also questionable, and the rearing of some of these poor animals is distressing.
Seacrest puppies are bred for health, quality, soundness and temperament. I will never contaminate my lines with puppy farmed commercially bred dogs that are the result of being crossed with a Corgi.