Mancunian Boxer Club Ch Show
Sun 21st April, 2002

The Mancunian Boxer Club held their Championship show at Urmston on 21st April. In total agreement with my co-judge, BIS was the dog Ch Boxken Bottle a Beer. Bitch CC was Ch Roamaro Maiden the Shade at Walkon. Both the CC winners gained their titles on the day. Best Puppy in Show was the Res CC wining MPB Berwynfa Va Va Voom. Best Veteran was the prolific stud dog Beer’n Skittles, who was the sire of three of the CC winners on the day, and the grandsire of the other.

Mouths and movement again dominate the negative! In fact this has been the case in our breed for so long now without improvement I wonder how we can rectify the situation. It is easy to use glib statements like only use dogs that excel in these departments. In reality there are precious few that posses either quality to the degree of excellence, never mind both. Then these dogs must also posses the elusive quality that sets a dominant stud dog apart from the rest, the ability to consistently produce his virtues without also producing his faults. We must also manage to improve these points without losing the attributes we already have. A difficult one.

Contrary to the trend of recent years the bitches at the moment have nowhere near the depth of quality that the dogs posses. That said, I was pleased with my winners for their overall balance & type. Graduate was the best class where I had more candidates for placings than cards available. Temperament was excellent without exception and presentation also good.

V (2-1abs)
1/ Weall’s Huttonvale Hi-Fi at Janbeau,
stood alone, but takes nothing away from the quality of this b/w bitch, her overall appearance certainly belies her age, balanced head cheeky expression & matching attitude, moved round freely, I wish some of the younger bitches today had put as much into their showing as she did, really enjoyed her day.

MP (24-6abs)
1/ Pynegars Berwynfa Va Va Voom,
stunning gb/w of almost perfect proportions providing ultimate balance, I loved the way she flowed from top to tail free from exaggeration, sculptured head with lovely rise of skull, distinct stop & balanced muzzle dark well shaped expressive eye, crested neck good front assembly with correct angles good bone & feet, firm sloping topline, sweeping quarters with good width of thigh, she is mature for her age but there is nothing heavy or coarse about her, movement active & purposeful, very well schooled RES CC & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW. 2/Strouthers Strutlix Sasha the Smasha, lovely headed puppy with good balance of skull to well padded muzzle & dark expressive eyes, correct overall proportions providing square appearance, could just be sharper in outline if owner could harden her condition this would also benefit feet which could be tighter, held her shape well on move very promising pup. 3/ Strachan-Ables Socotras Miss you Nights.

P (13-1abs)
1/ Ward-Davies Brown & Hutchings Winuwuk Storybook,
tall bitch who has shot up in recent weeks leaving her a bit ”on the leg” at present, fell for her gorgeous head with lovely expressive eyes, ample neck well used, good topline & tailset, held on the move, well boned straight front well knuckled feet, shade steep in upper arm, this bitch needs to carry more weight I don’t like to see pin bones and at her stage of growth she cant afford to be lean thru the trunk, it spoils the outline & nearly cost her the class, but weighing up condition v construction the latter won. 2/ Millers Faerdorn Now 'n' Again at Walkon, eye-catching b/w another with a stunning head and good eye & expression, crested neck, short back & correct tailset, pronounced forechest elegant underline, curvaceous puppy whose outline has impact but is slightly exaggerated, hammy quarters although over angulated, moved freely. 3/ Groves & Hares Jimbren Briony Brind.

J ( 14-3 abs )
1/ Boxs Boxken Bitter Beer JW,
Well balanced b/w, with stylish clean cut outline, lovely head with dark well shaped eye & melting expression, arched neck short coupled providing square profile, correct tailset, super hammy well muscled rear. extremely well handled as usual Seemed a bit out of sorts today still did enough to take class, but lacked her usual sparkle 2/ Butchers Willow Starstruck at Diaszana, heavier framed good headed b/w square in profile, ample neck, good shoulder placement & front, strong limbed & well developed rear, handler has tendency to set up with front too far under, and then wrongly corrects when dog puts herself in balance, practice at home with a mirror should help here. 3/Chippendales Mylicam Mentoobee.

Spec Y (4-1abs)
1/ Millers Roamaro Maiden The Shade at Walkon,
Beautifully balanced elegant b/w with flowing outline, lovely head with lean skull and full muzzle correctly shaped dark eye giving alert inquisitive expression, well proportioned clean lines good shoulder and true front, well developed strongly muscled quarters, one of the very few today to move true and tidily away & back, as well as going round with unrestricted stride & good propulsion from the rear, CC her third. 2/ Turners Born on the Wild Side at Rojastle, tall b/w with chiselled head & expressive eye, strong neck, short back good topline, good layback of shoulder, straight front good feet, seemed fidgety today, moved well on a good stride. 3/ Sandilands Samnco Handspun for Hillroy.

N 17-7abs)
1/ Winbushes Redmol Rio Rita,
Tall rangy sort with bags of style, balanced head with lean skull & good width & depth of muzzle, would prefer softer expression, elegant neck & backline, shade steep in upper arm, sweeping tuck up, well angulated rear, free striding going round held shape well, has the undoubted benefit of one of the best handlers in the ring. 2/ Mairs Gervalmark Special Request at Glenauld, more compact b/w presenting a neat outline, good head with correct muzzle to skull ratio & dark expressive eye, good forehand assembly, short strong back, correct & well muscled quarters enabled her to cover the ground with drive& easy action. 3/ Drinkwaters Sulez Black Magic.

G (12-1abs) Super class.
1/ Godwins Sultash Minnie Sensation,
Striking db/w, strong but balanced head with excellent expression from dark well shaped eyes & blocky muzzle, arched neck well used, good depth of chest & short back presenting square outline, well boned limbs & tight cat feet, moved with drive from strong hammy rear. 2/ Grahams Valabeau Nutty Tart, another with very good proportions presenting a balanced outline, copybook head with lovely eye & melting expression, neat front with good bone pasterns & feet, she holds her shape well going round but has a restricted short stride & this cost her the class. 3/ Simpsons Panabolo Picture Perfect.

PG (13-6abs) close decision between
1/ Mc guigans Staleyway Dippety Day,
I had this bitches dam in last 4 for cc in 97, & this young lady has many of her attributes, she is so balanced & neat in overall appearance providing a square outline, crested neck defined withers, firm topline well held, bang on tailset, elegant underline, sweeping broad quarters, thou a shade over angulated, a size bigger & she would trouble the best 2/ Mairs Summer Breeze at Glenauld, this stylish bitch oozes quality, attractive head with clean skull & full muzzle, intelligent outlook from well shaped dark eye, arched neck, short back, good spring of rib & neat tuck up, strong limbs giving powerful easy ground covering stride, very well presented & handled, shown in excellent hard condition as are all from this kennel, not quite as elegant underline as 1 & I was splitting hairs. 3/ Pyes Raising the Stakes at Burnden.

L ( 12-2 abs)
1/ Carters Iris Call for Susancar,
Surprised myself here this r/w is good to get your hands on, clean constructed head, free from excess flesh, good mouth with wide straight underjaw, visible chin & good lip placement, dark well shaped eye, crested neck, excellent forehand assembly, elegant bodyline bang on tailset, correctly angulated quarters, moved adequately going away & well going round on a unrestricted stride, strongly considered for CC, just wish she would give more, LAST 4 CC, 2/ Gilmours Sandyne Shooting Star for Teandeeze, this bitch frustrates me, she is so good to go over, excellent head with good mouth well shaped eye, flat cheeks well padded muzzle, good forehand with excellent shoulder placement & true front, good topline & tailset, correctly angulated rear, short hocks, however she does not use herself at all, she looked & acted like a couch potato, I would like to see a sharper picture in outline & outlook, with a touch less weight, better musculation & some oomph, she would gain that elusive 3rd CC. 3/ Paynes Berwynfa Honey to the Bee.

O (5-0 abs)
1/ Webbs Ch Nateez Primero at Cherryside,
Beautifully proportioned b/w with elegant bodylines, refined head with excellent balance of muzzle to skull, dark eye giving alert inquisitive expression wide underjaw though dentition has all but disappeared, crested neck flows into well laid shoulders, short coupled presenting square outline, moved little untidy coming back but went round with purpose retaining her shape LAST 4 CC. 2/ Whittakers Ch Bucksteps Broderie Anglaise, this favourite of mine posses the sort of head this kennel is famed for, strong without any coarseness full muzzle, lovely well shaped expressive eye, she excels in neck & shoulder assembly, good depth of chest, shade long cast, excellent balance of substance to elegance thought she would be my winner but did not perform as she can & lacked drive on the move, I was later told this house dog had just returned from a week in Kennels & she was sulking. 3/ Pynegars Berwynfa Sex Bomb.