Cotswold Boxer Club
Sun 30th November, 1997

The Cotswold Boxer Club held a Championship show at the Three Counties Showground, where, in agreement with my co-judge Sue Drinkwater, Best In Show was the dog Harper’s Huttonvale High Profile, and Best Puppy was the minor puppy bitch Ward Davies Brown & Hutching’s Winuwuk Inspiration, surely a candidate for the upper house.

These days competition in our breed is fairly open. It is interesting to note how many fresh faces there are, several gaining their first green cards. This must auger well for the breed, ensuring healthy competition in the future. Unfortunately at the moment, dogs have nowhere near the depth of quality that the bitches possess. At the risk of sounding like an echo, mouths are still abysmal and shoulders leave a bit to be desired. I was however pleased with my winners for their overall soundness and type, and in five instances they were pushed hard by the dog is 2nd place. The best class for overall depth of quality was Post Grad where I would have liked more than five cards. I had not realised what a tough class this currently is. Temperament was excellent without exception and presentation was also good.

Finally, I would like to thank the exhibitors for providing the relaxed friendly atmosphere which helped in no small part to my enjoyment of the day.

MP 25-9abs.
1/ Lay & Taylor’s Swift wood Benny The Dip
this striking d b/w just oozes quality, beautifully balanced head with lean skull, flat cheeks and correct muzzle, well shaped dark eye providing delightful expression, compact square body giving unexaggerated outline, well schooled and confident, he held his shape at all times. Shortlisted in the challenge as he impressed me so much, but once there he could not be considered further for obvious reasons. 2/ Rogers & Seeney’s Skelder The Thief Taker At Maranseen, this cracking r/w has a substantial cobby body, yet holds a very good shape, good headpiece, albeit strong for one so young, good width & depth of muzzle, correct eye giving intelligent outlook, excels in bone, good front with well laid shoulders and forechest, just a bit raw, he has not yet acquired the strength a frame like his demands, this showed going round, but lots of scope for the future, I loved him. 3/ Williams‘s Advidicar Sticking Around.

1/ Bracher’s Mulbrae Dream Team,
close decision but 1 is a stronger more mature
g b/b pup nicely balanced head construction, would prefer a softer expression, good neck well used, short back, correct tailset, well muscled rear, moved with good reach and drive. 2/ Bown’s Jimbren Tito Gobi For Sundabish, good head with dark correct eye giving appealing expression, well proportioned body with stylish outline, not as strong as 1, just a shade immature and loose on the move. 3/ Cray’s Klansted Out Of The Mist.

J 17-1abs.
1/ Clifton’s Jolegi Fair Dinkum,
surprised myself here, this g b/w is good to get your hands on, clean constructed head, free from excess flesh, good mouth with wide straight under jaw, crested neck of ample length, excellent forehand, strong well boned limbs and good tight feet, well developed and muscled rear, close coupled (possibly too short) yet he manages to move with such a free unrestricted stride, its so effortless, he has inherited his sires ability to lengthen his stride given room, which he did in the challenge when the rings were opened up, still relatively immature his best is yet to come, Last 4 CC. 2/ Wood’s Sandyne Dance Master, good headed b/w who is proving a real showman with his new handler, well padded muzzle, strong neck, square outline, good firm topline well held going round and strong quarters, but not quite the layback or mouth of 1. 3/ Ward Davies Brown & Hutchings Winuwuk Lust In The Dust.

M 6-1abs.
1/ Clare’s Fishers Pride of Maybelline,
db/w chiselled headpiece with really good eye and expression, true front, cat like feet, evident fore chest, well muscled rear, would prefer more height and scope. 2/ Thorpe’s Bruliz Buzz Lightening, close decision shade bigger dog, strong head, dark eye, decent front and topline, just edged out on quarters. 3/ Collin’s Kirany Lord Of Dreams

N 6-3 abs.
1/ Bank’s Norwatch Sunhawk Showtime,
this glamorous g b/w scores in head with wonderful balance of muzzle to skull, powerfully developed yet in no way overdone, correct stop, good lip placement and chin, dark well shaped eyes giving desired expression, strong crested neck, short back and correct tailset. He is a shade exaggerated in overall outline and in the challenge looked small. 2/ Bent’s Prince Naseem Hamed cobby b/w good head, shade stuffy in neck, good front, short coupled and adequate angulation fore and aft, well muscled rear. 3/ Amour’s Trans Am Via Dderwen.

1/ Bartup’s Maldebart Lord Of The Rings,
this g b/w is a new one to me, well constructed head although carrying excess flesh giving that over wrinkled look, good mouth, strong arched neck, decent front assembly, broad flat back, strongly muscled quarters with hammy thighs, moved with drive holding his shape in profile. 2/ Heyda’s Walkon Wizard Of Oz At Wrekholme close up, balanced head, good mouth, arched neck well used, shade longer cast than 1, well angulated rear, not in as hard muscular condition as 1, well handled. 3/ Townshend’s Jenroy Picture This.

Pg 15-1ABS.
1/ Kincla’s Vivyd Stars N Stripes,
so glad to see this dog has lost some weight, it gives him a much more balanced appearance and clearer defined lines, good head, well padded muzzle, correct eye and keen expression, good mouth, arched neck, well laid shoulders, deep brisket, plenty of heart room, strong limbs, handler must watch tendency to, overstretch quarters. I was disappointed that when considering my short list for the CC he did not look anywhere near as good as he can and had to pay the price. 2/ Kelly’s Samantony Royal Commission, a dog I have always admired for his excellent balance and stylish body lines , it all fits together so well, a close decision but I just preferred the cleaner head of 1. 3/ Grove’s Jimbren Billy Bud.

L 10-1abs.
1/ Harper’s Huttonvale High Profile,
I don’t think it is a secret how much I have always liked this dog. I first tried to buy him at 6 weeks old and have made several attempts since. He excels in profile with perfect balance of substance and elegance. Chiselled head with good rise of skull, well proportioned muzzle and good mouth, well shaped dark eye, bright friendly expression, crested neck flowing into an excellent forehand with correct shoulder placement and gun barrel front end, firm topline and correct tuck up. Well shaped quarters with good turn of stifle. I would prefer to see him in harder muscular condition, his boisterous attitude can sometimes ruin his performance. I have seen him fight his handler and act up to the extent that it is reminiscent of watching a Tom & Jerry cartoon. Luckily today he showed like a trooper, his exhibition was such I could not deny him his 2nd CC, also BIS in agreement with my co-judge. 2/ Bell’s Surfstone Hot Property, b/w strong head powerfully developed muzzle with excellent depth, upward sweep of lower jaw to provide good chin, well shaped dark eye showing alert lively expression, strong muscular neck, short broad back, another good forehand with evident forechest, well boned limbs, good angulation behind, another dog which has a tendency to carry too much condition. I would like to see him with a slightly sharper outline and more defined tuck up. I can categorically state that this dog has not had any operation performed on his mouth. It is not his fortune, but it is no worse than many I have seen today. I think the current rumers circulating the North East can only be put down to the green eyed monster. Maybe it is not popular with some to gain 2 CC’s & 2 RCC’s with your fist Boxer. Good luck on gaining his title. 3/ Tindale’s Laywind Tumbling Dice out of Lichdel.

O 9-0abs.
1/ Miller’s Ch Blueprint Beern Skittles At Walkon,
this famous Ch needs no introduction from me, people already hold their own opinions about him, his faults and virtues are aired regularly, more so it seemed one fault and whilst I cannot disagree I think it has been laboured to the point of exhaustion. This dogs virtues far outweigh his faults and I would rather focus on the positive, like he possesses one of the best mouths I’ve seen today ( others belonging to his progeny) like his movement he has such wonderful reach of stride and the ability to lengthen his stride given room, he also retains his shape immaculately. Like his ring presence he just commands attention, a natural showman and he is always presented in such fantastic condition. In a close decision I just preferred the head and expression of the CC winner, but I felt both of these dogs stood away today, Res CC. 2/ Miller’s Ch Walkon Crocodile Dundee, this b/w possesses so many of his sires attributes slightly shorter in back, good shoulder assembly, heavily boned legs and tight knuckled feet, another excellent bite with big well spaced teeth, he moves well but not with the ring presence of his sire. 3/ Fitzgerald’s Ch Mydaz Suburban Commando.

Two wonderful Champion pensioners. 1/ Wood’s Ch Sandyne Solo Dancer, I gave this dog a Reserve BIS to Scotch Mist the week before they both gained their first CC’s. He has a super front with correct shoulder angulation, still retains his outline although he obviously likes his dinners, he still moves with great verve and drive. 2/ Groves Ch Jimbren Royal Scot. Jeff has always been a firm favourite of mine; he is such a character, full of attitude, he also still holds a good outline. I hated having to split them, but 1 just scored on his movement.