Richmond Championship Show
September 2012

In the 4 years since my last appointment a couple of worrying faults have crept into the breed that I feel need airing. I know I’m not alone in thinking the basic dimensions of the Boxer are at risk. The depth of chest to elbow & length of foreleg should be half & half, and length from forechest to rear of upper thigh, the same as the height at withers.

A trend has developed where youngsters are coming out in MPD already at the top of the standard, in itself not necessarily a problem, but added to this is height which is 1 third body depth and 2 thirds daylight and backs which are far too long, causing overall weakness of frame which can still be apparent upon maturity. As the general description in the Breed Standard calls for “medium size” & “square build”, this must be a Breeder concern.

As a judge you get to view every dog front on, and I was shocked at how many exhibits have a hollow in their chest between their front legs the size of a fist. Whether you call it a cathedral front, a wishbone front etc, it is so wrong and far more prevalent than I thought. Someone cleverer than me will surely tell me, is this because we have been breeding from upright shoulders for generations? Or is there some other reason for this latest conformation fault.

Even though there were 2 or 3 dogs missing that I had been anticipating judging, I was very pleased with my entry which at 120 was the top entry in the Working Group, and I was really chuffed with my line ups. Sincere thanks to the exhibitors for that state of play.

MPD 4-1abs.
1/ Millers Walkon First Past The Post,
Very tall well grown rangy B/W, crested neck, true front, flowing outline, shade over angulated in rear, he won this class on his very good head, lean skull with lovely rise and correct width & depth of muzzle, soft expression from correctly shaped eye, moved on a free stride in profile but a bit untidy away & back. 2/ Turners Tigalain Hey Dude, Smaller more compact R/W shorter coupled presenting a neater outline, held shape going round, but lacked drive, head of correct proportions but not the class of 1. 3/ Chippendale's Making Moves to Mylicam.

PD 8-1abs.
1/ Laidlaw & Stockton’s Roamaro Choccywoccydoodah For Kiztok,
This B/W holds a classy outline with ample neck well used, true front, well boned limbs, good topline which he held on the move, well muscled rear, he strode out well, head has the correct muzzle to skull ratio, good rise & stop, well padded muzzle, well shaped dark eye BPD. 2/ Godwin's Sultash Frankel, Loved this B/W stylish smooth outline beautifully proportioned head with lean skull flat cheeks & correct width & depth of muzzle, correctly shaped eye giving intelligent outlook, unfortunately he insisted on turning his left pastern in when set up, & was not quite as positive as 1 on the move. 3/ Keenan & Griffin Bessbox Euro Star

JD. 10-3abs.
1/ Morisons Xandene Back Oasis,
Impressive DB/W good head with correct rise of skull, stop, & full muzzle, well arched neck of good length, shade steep in upper arm, broad back, sweeping well muscled rear, good limbs & feet, free striding going round retaining shape well. 2/ Jones Kevanor Federer. This DB/W presents a clean cut square outline, short coupled, good topline, held well in profile, well structured head with dark eye, kept standing straight behind, held shape on move but lacked drive. 3/ Payne’s Burnden Gold fever

YD. 6-0abs.
1/ Carters Susancar Cesar Chance,
This R/W oozes quality, beautifully balanced head with lean skull flat cheeks & correct muzzle, stylish outline with desired degree of elegance, arched neck, correct topline, well angulated quarters, a shade close behind going away but free lengthy stride in profile, well schooled just lacked that touch of showmanship. 2/ Brown & Hutchings Winuwuk Il Messagero. This B/W scored on his sculptured headpiece, clean dry skull with flat cheeks & good rise & stop, powerfully developed muzzle, strong muscular neck, good limbs & feet, would prefer more forehand angulation, good topline slightly longer cast than 1, well developed quarters, moved with unrestricted gait holding his shape well. 3/ Banks Norwatch Sunhawk Movie Star

PGD. 10-2 ABS.
1/ Lanes Leigharac Lust on the Island.
This GB/W has an excellent combination of strength & style, so well proportioned, crested neck, defined withers, straight front, sloping topline, good tailset, free striding going round moved with drive holding shape in profile, his head is well constructed but sadly carries excess flesh. 2/ James Maromad Love At First Sight, close another well proportioned body with clean muscular neck, good front, well boned, not quite the forehand angles of 1, flat back, correctly angulated quarters, moved without restriction but not quite the rear propulsion of 1. 3/McDonalds Yeteb Manhattan.

LD. 12-0 abs.
1/ Griffiths & Millers Walkon Okay Dokay with Lanfrese.
I’ve admired this GB/W for a long time, straight out of the top drawer, there's nothing flashy about this boy, no bells n whistles, just sound honest construction. He excels in profile with excellent balance of the substance required with a degree of elegance & style. Chiseled headpiece, powerfully developed muzzle, appealing eye & expression, crested neck, defined withers, good spring of rib, shown in hard muscular condition, he moved with drive & purpose, a free striding dog he covers the ground with ease pleased to award him the CC, BOB, & delighted to hear he went Group 2. 2/ Norwatch Sunhawk Play Mate. This glamorous GB/W is so beautifully balanced, and so typical of what this consistent kennel produces. His outline just flows, copybook head cleanly structured, blocky muzzle eye of correct shape & colour offering super alert expression, good forehand angles with evident forechest, short coupled, firm topline, correct tuck up, well angulated rear, moved with drive retaining outline, strongly considered. 3/ Roamaro Read All About It with Kiztok

0D. 5-1abs.
1/ Brown & Hutchings Ch Lichdel Uncle Silas at Winuwuk.
What a pleasant surprise to see this favorite of mine. I last judged him in 2008 & short listed him to the last 4 for the CC, when he was just out of puppy & was still raw talent, now at 5 years he looks wonderful. I just love his head its copybook well chiseled perfectly proportioned, wide underjaw, lovely eye & expression, a tall dog but with excellent shoulder layback, clearly defined withers, well sprung rib, sweeping underline, muscular quarters with short hocks. His movement is active yet effortless and he covers the ground well on an unrestricted stride, close up for the big one, RCC. 2/ Laidlaw & Stockton's Ch Emjaycee Country Yokel at Kiztok. I love this dogs construction, well off for bone, he holds a superb outline, the sort of forehand assembly that so many find lacking, a real old fashioned 42dd front, strong neck, plenty of heart room, broad flat back, correctly angulated rear, moved freely with an elastic gait, When it came to the nitty gritty he just could not match the head of 1. 3/ Mair's Ch Carmond Gerry Weber at Glenauld.

MPB 8-0abs.
1/ Payne’s Willow Jewel In The Crown,
what a tidy neat outline this R/W holds, its all there, the arched neck, super forehand with forechest, short coupled to give that square appearance, well developed rear for one so young. I hope she grows on as the only thing possibly lacking is scope, she appears the mini adult, she has a lovely head but quite “finished” for one so young, although a couple of concerns for the future, judging “on the day” she easily had enough to take this class. 2/ Millers Walkon Fist Lady this much taller & rangier B/W holds a rakish outline, she has a well constructed head as one would expect from this kennel, good topline & tailset a shade long cast, well angulated but weak in rear, not the front angles of one. 3/ Topauly Lady Morgana.

PB. 7-0 abs.
1/ Beardesll & Van Beck Newlaithe On Design
this B/W has a super sharp outline which just flows smoothly, well proportioned head with dark eye, crested neck, short coupled, correct topline & underline, good limbs & feet, free striding going round BP 2/ Laidlaw & Stockton's Roamaro Rum Truffle, this B/W is slightly heavier built that 1 but still holds a super balanced outline & has a degree of style about her. Very good forehand, short back, strong hammy quarters, moved with drive & purpose, well proportioned head well padded muzzle but not fleshy, close up. 3/ Drinkwater's Sulez Chiquita.

Pye's Burnden Limitless.
classy DB/W super sharp in outline, excellent head with good rise, lean skull, lovely dark eye giving melting expression, shade steep in upper arm, short coupled bang on tailset, good clean limbs & feet, sheer quality. 2/ Griffiths Lanfrese Kepi D Elle, this R/W is of cobbier frame yet retains that necessary degree of elegance to prevent her looking common, she is far from that, she has a great combination of strength & style, well proportioned head cleanly structured correct shaped dark eye, crested neck sweeping underline, square appearance, good forehand & hammy well muscled rear, easy driving movement, close up to 1. 3/ Carters Susancar Anna Compliss.

YB. 11-0abs.
I could have stood all day looking for something meaningful on which to separate these two stunning bitches, ultimately the final nod went to 1/ Carnaby's Tartarian Kicks Up A Dust teeming with quality this DB/W has really come on in recent months, she has the perfect balance of the substance required with also elegance & style, beautifully balanced head, melting expression from correctly shaped dark eyes, good stop, well padded muzzle, arched neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good bone, excellent limbs, tight cat feet, once settled moved out well on an unrestricted stride holding her shape in profile CC. 2/ Henderson’s Taranut Typecast, an absolute stunner cut from the same cloth as 1. sculptured headpiece, lean skull full muzzle, captivating expression, another excellent combination of substance to elegance, superb sharp square outline, true front, super sweeping quarters short hock to floor, her sheer class and beautifully balance lines ultimately demanded the RCC. 3/ Huckerby & Dowell's Top Tickle for Norwilbeck Bellchime

PGB. 14-0 abs
1/ Edgeler's Kezaleigh Prime Meridian.
This B/W possesses an elegant outline, arched neck, sloping topline, correct tailset, would prefer better forehand angles, good quarters, held her shape well going round, balanced feminine head with delightful expression from correctly shaped dark eye which tipped the scales in her favour.
2/ Wimbush's Stellvana Crazy Diamond for Redmol. Have admired this B/W from the ringside & thought she would be my winner, a size bigger in stature but not course retaining a degree of elegance, well off for bone, strong torso & developed rear, well proportioned head with correct balance of muzzle to skull, easy unrestricted mover.
3/ Wearing & Mathews Miofrey Anstey Nansea.

1/ Dawson's Ch Walkon Gossip Girl at Bonobo,
this B/W is straight out of the top drawer with a sharp elegant outline, feminine head dark well shaped eyes giving soft expression, crested neck well angulated fore & aft, moved on a free stride holding her shape at all times. 2/ Payne's Burnden Bespoke, top quality DB/W with lovely head, well balanced muzzle to skull, soft expression from dark well shaped eyes, arched neck, sharp clean outline although a shade steep in front, moved soundly away & back & smooth going round. 3/ Robinsons Robinsteck Sister Act.

OB. 4-1 abs.
1/ Huckerby & Dowell’s Norwilbeck Smart Move.
I’ve long admired this smart showy B/W who put on a great performance, excellent head with good rise of skull & powerfully developed muzzle, correct eye giving alert mischievous expression, she has attitude to burn, crested neck short coupled square appearance, strong rear with well developed 2nd thigh, her movement is active & purposeful with great rear drive, strongly considered only just found 2 better on the day. 2/ Millers Ch Roamaro First Issue by Walkon. This famous B/W Ch is a tall elegant bitch with the most copybook chiseled headpiece, super rise of skull, flat cheeks, melting expression from dark eyes of correct shape, crested neck, defined withers, clean cut stylish outline, effortless ground covering movement. Whilst not perfect, she usually airs that indefinable quality that has seen her command so many CC’s, I just felt that today that was missing. 3/ Millers Walkon Pin up Girl.