Ladies Kennel Association
13th December 2014

Thanks to the LKA for the invitation to judge at this prestigious show. Thanks also to the exhibitors for their entries, making us once again the Top entry in the Group, and the sporting manner you in which received my decisions. I think we are going in the right direction in lessening the wet fleshy over wrinkled heads, they were in the minority today. The same faults I mentioned in my last critique in 2012, still dominate the negative. I feel the basic dimensions are still at risk. Remember the standard describes a medium size, and square build, & the depth of body & foreleg height to be half & half. Some dogs are way too big, whilst I would not penalise a big dog built in proportion, I was conscious not to reward those whose height is 1/3rd body, 2/3rds daylight, nor those excessively long cast, severely over angulated or with that awful hollow between their front legs. I was surprised at the number of poor mouths particularly noticeable in the young bitch classes, narrow, rounded (tea spoon) and way too undershot. I’m no dentist, but there were way too many with the treble up. I watched my BOB in the Group and he put in a really good performance. In writing this report, I realised that this was the first CC I had awarded to this kennel, surprising as I have admired so many of their charges over the years. I was delighted with both my line ups, and felt a sense of satisfaction watching the CC winners, BP & BV doing their lap of honour at the end.

MPD. 12-1abs.
1st Kelly’s Caesmates Dumbledore.
Outstanding R/W clean balanced head yet to finish but all the attributes are there, excellent rise of skull, flat cheeks, soft expression from dark well shaped eye, balanced muzzle, wide underjaw, clean dry head free from any excess flesh, good length of neck flowing into super forehand with excellent complement of shoulder & upper arm, well boned limbs, true front, tight feet, short coupled giving desired square appearance, super topline good depth of brisket, correctly angulated rear with short hocks, he moved with super extension fore & good propulsion aft, BPIB. 2nd, Mair’s Roylark The Highlander at Glenauld smaller more compact R/W, lovely head dark well shaped eye, correct balance of muzzle to skull, good angles front & rear, square outline, well sprung rib, good tailset, well developed quarters, good width of thigh, strode out holding shape going round.. 3rd, Smith’s Winuwuk Scouting for Girls at Lorossa

PD. 7-1abs.
1st Watson’s Roylark Commander in Chief,
beautifully chiselled headpiece on this very alert showy R/W, with lovely eye & expression, crested neck of good length & well used, super topline & bang on tailset, correctly shaped rear with good width of thigh & short hocks, can be prone to bouts of over exuberance but moved well holding his shape once settled. 2nd,Pynegar & Murray’s Berwynfa Bandit. This B/W had a well constructed head, his expression was marred by loose eyes showing red haw, super arched reachy neck flowing into a cracking forehand assembly, short back, well developed & strongly muscled quarters but would prefer less angulation to balance out. 3rd Morrison’s Jobaran Marathon Man to Xandene.

JD. 10=-1 abs.
Taylor’s Newlaithe Leonardo.
Surprised myself here, very impressed by this R/W, good head proportions with expressive eye of correct size & shape powerfully developed full muzzle good lip placement wide mouth with good dentition, just a touch cheeky ,strong arched neck, very good forehand with correct angles of upper arm & shoulder & a proper forechest, well ribbed, short & square, correctly angulated well muscled quarters providing good rear propulsion, sound free striding movement, last 4 CC. 2nd. McArdle’s Redmol Read All About It at McArmadale. I’ve admired this dog in the past and he didn’t disappoint, very good constructed head with correct muzzle to skull ratio, clean front, well boned limbs and tight knuckled feet, strong through the torso with flat back and good tuck up, good rear with desired angles and musculation, strode out well on an unrestricted gait, close up just not quite the super forehand angulation of 1. 3rd McDonald’s Yeteb Itsmischiefnmayhem.

YD. 8-0abs.
1st Pynegar & Murray’s Berwynfa Fully Loaded.
this B/W is a real stallion, loved his head superb balance & melting expression from lovely well shaped dark eyes, crested neck clearly defined withers, a forehand this kennel has become known for with excellent combination of upper arm and shoulder blade, broad flat back slightly sloping to bang on tailset, well off for bone good depth of chest & spring of rib, strong through the loin, well muscled rear a tad less angulation would complete the picture, but you can’t have everything, he moves true away & back and motors round holding his shape beautifully on an unrestricted stride Res CC. 2nd. Mair’s Glenauld Storyteller. Smaller framed more compact B/W another super cleanly constructed head good rise of skull flat cheeks & blocky muzzle, good front & feet square in outline, moved on a free stride holding his shape well, unlucky to meet 1 in such sparkling form. 3rd Cherry’s Cherryforge Botticelli.

PGD. 10-3abs.
1st Francis Pearce & Townshend’s Jenroy Moorcroft with Longsdale.
I have loved this classy dog since I first saw him as a puppy, glorious head cleanly constructed not an ounce of excess flesh, super rise of skull and full muzzle, excellent pigmentation, lip placement & chin, he has the softest expression from correctly shaped dark eyes, beautifully balanced everything flows giving a smooth unexaggerated outline, he moves out well with good reach in front & driving from a well developed hindquarters, I would love another inch all round to complete the picture. 2nd. Laidlaw & Stockton’s Roamaro Choccywoccydoodah for Kiztok another good sort, balanced head clean skull, distinct stop & well padded muzzle, strong neck of good length, good bone & substance, deep chest well ribbed, correct topline good limbs & feet, moved soundly, another inch of foreleg height would balance out, just lacked the refinement of 1. 3rd Kelly’s Casemates the Wizard.

LD. 11-1abs.
1st Dunlevie’s Surfstone Storm Trooper.
It’s a shame this dog was not campaigned as some are, I believe he could have gained his title, I also think he has been under rated at times. Unfortunately he is not the screaming showman that some are, but he is so good to get your hands on & there is very little wrong. no hint of exaggeration. Very good headpiece with dry skull & full well padded muzzle, wide underjaw, arched neck of good length, flowing into a super forehand with correct angles for upper arm and shoulder blade & a pronounced forechest, true front with straight limbs and well knuckled feet, broad firm back, short loin, strongly muscled correctly angulated quarters, he moves soundly and can extend as his super construction allows but could do it with more verve. Today he was carrying too much condition which in the nitty gritty of the last four for the CC took its toll. 2nd, Miller’s Walkon First Past The Post. Striking rangy B/W with a super head type, flat cheeks good rise, full muzzle, wide mouth, & a bright alert expressive outlook from correctly shaped dark eyes, elegant neck, straight front with strong limbs & tight feet, shade long cast, shown in super hard muscular condition, a free striding dog who moves with reach & drive. 3rd Beardell & Van Becks Newlaithe Dooglebug.

OD. 3-0 abs.
1st Brown & Hutching’s Winuwuk The Outlaw.
One of my favourites, for me he has it all.... In spades. Superb chiselled headpiece lean skull with good rise, distinct stop broad nose big nostrils ( quite rare ) and powerfully developed muzzle, upsweep of underjaw with good lip placement & visible chin, crested muscular neck flowing into super forehand assembly, short broad back, good depth of chest sweeping underline, correctly angulated well muscled quarters with good width of 2nd thigh short strong hocks providing propulsion for excellent drive, he is so good on the move with a purposeful easy ground covering stride, well schooled as expected, and at one with his most talented handler, CC & BOB. 2nd Laidlaw & Stockton’s Ch Roamaro Read All About It with Kiztok. Another sound correct b/w who is quite unassuming in the ring but really good to go over, good head blocky muzzle super pigmentation & dark well shaped eye, arched neck short back well sprung rib, good topline & tailset, he particularly scores in his true movement away & back & goes round with an easy action.

VD. 2-0 abs.
1st Feaver & Cormack’s Very Attracted to Newlaithe.
difficult to believe this lad is a Veteran his performance belies his years. Very smart good moving dog shown in hard muscular condition, clean head keen expression, arched neck strong throughout the torso, correct rear angulation , he drives off his hocks and powers round the ring with great finesse. I wish some of the younger dogs would put as much into their performance. 2nd Ayles Gemilia The Great Gatsby at Murrantye. Well balanced head with pleasing muzzle to skull ratio, lovely expressive eye, solid frame, square in outline, not quite the showy sharp outline of 1, but well made holding his shape in profile going round.

MPB. 10-1abs.
1st Huckerby & Dowell’s Top Totti for Norwilbeck Bellchime
first time out I think for this delightful B/W, pretty headpiece with super eye giving mischievous expression, arched neck, good front still needs to tighten further in feet, short coupled super shaped quarters short hocks, free striding going round, smart baby. Close decision between 1 & 2nd Brown & Hutchings Girl Power at Winuwuk. Much more mature B/W with a larger frame, quite forward for her age, lovely head dark expressive eye, good rise of skull balanced muzzle wide underjaw & chin, good neck short coupled, good bone & substance, well angulated for & aft, held outline going round. 3rd Clayforth’s Sunvalley Touching Wood with Tyslee.

PB. 7-0 abs.
1st Chippendale’s Mylican Moon Maiden
ultra smart R/W of high station. Such a clean feminine head in excellent harmony, lean skull with good rise, flat cheeks distinct stop, alert expression from correctly shaped dark eyes, good muzzle wide underjaw with excellent dentition & correct upsweep to provide chin, super assembly with excellent forehand angles, short back, bang on tailset, straight front correct angulation in rear, lacks a little muscle tone, moves with positivity when handler allows, BPB 2nd Vearncombe Stansbury & Pulgrin’s Ruption Blue Bounty with Woodbriar. bigger framed B/W, pleasing head with good balance of muzzle to skull, arched neck, keen expression from correctly shaped dark eye, well ribbed, good depth of chest and well developed rear, 3rd Dennis’s Gabriegem Glad your Mine.

A judge’s nightmare to see so many excellent exhibits all fighting it out in the same class. 1st Seeney’s Ch Maranseen Lustre. Wow! this precocious young lady is teeming with sheer quality, & knows it, she has instant impact & great ring presence, sculptured headpiece with excellent rise of skull flat cheeks, beautiful eye giving melting expression, full muzzle, & good mouth, crested neck flowing into a super front, great to see good height of foreleg combined with excellent upper arm & shoulder angulation ( so often you get one at the expense of the other ) clearly defined withers, her body has the near perfect balance of the substance required with added style & elegance, her movement is pristine & effortless, for me she is the full package & puts in such a polished performance, a shade more maturity & I’m confident she will be a strong contender for Groups .CC 2nd McArdle’s Redmol Ina Pickle with McArmadale. Another one straight out of the top drawer, possessing great balance of substance with elegance, beautifully chiselled head with dry skull & full muzzle, dark expressive eye & excellent pigmentation, well arched neck flowing into good forehand angulation, true front with good bone & tight cat feet, shade longer cast than 1 but carries it well with a firm sloping topline, good tailset, correctly angulated & well muscled quarters with short strong hocks, she moves with reach & drive holding her super outline at all times RCC. 3rd, Pye’s Willow Reach for the Stars at Burnden.

YB 9-0 abs.
1ST Griffiths’s Maybe at Lanfrese.
This classy B/W has a strong head without any coarseness or excess flesh, she has a captivating expression from dark well shaped eyes, good mouth, crested neck flowing into well laid shoulder & upper arm, excellent bone, true front strong pasterns & cat feet, firm sloping back short in loin & bang on tailset, cracking quarters, she strikes me as the epitome of balance retaining the same lovely shape whether stacked or moving round. Last 4 CC, 2nd Stupart’s Nerroli Fairi Tail Teller. It’s not often I find a new one to me, but this tall dark B/W was, lighter framed than 1, her elegance producing a sharp clean cut outline, very dry head with flat cheeks & well balanced muzzle, crested neck of good length, clearly defined withers, straight front & tight feet, sloping topline, good spring of rib, & tuck up, well angulated quarters, free striding positive movement, well handled by her young handler, who speaking to afterwards I conclude only lacks confidence which will come with experience, good luck 3rd Chippendale’s Mylicam Waltzing Matilda JW.

Pgb.12-3 abs.
1st Dunlevie's Surfstone Midnight Storm.
Striking dark B/W of good type, good head with correct muzzle to skull ratio ,dark expressive eye, excellent pigmentation, good neck & topline, standing on well boned limbs & cat feet, moves true away & back and with purposeful stride going round. 2nd Jones & Charles First Star at Charlons. Close up, B.W with attractive head, good rise of skull distinct stop & well padded muzzle, ample neck, sloping topline, short & square in outline, strong correctly angulated quarters enabled her to move with drive 3rd Henderson’s Taranut Tearjerker.

1st Huggins’s Daervlish Miss Sarajevo,
this impressive R/W oozes quality but her keen alert temperament can give her handler a hard time , correctly balanced muzzle and clean skull, well shaped dark eye giving keen almost defiant expression, crested neck of good length, defined withers, broad flat back, strong rear with good width of thigh, her movement can be erratic letting her down at times but she has the physical attributes to move soundly with drive when she chooses to do so, Last 4 CC.. 2nd Huckerby & Dowells Panabolo Specially for Norwilbeck Bellchime. this more compact B/W has the smartest of flowing outlines, totally balanced & well proportioned head good skull, stop & well padded muzzle, I would like a shade bigger eye but correctly shaped & dark with intelligent expression, crested neck correct angles fore & aft, good tuck up, well developed quarters with good width of thigh and short hocks, moves out soundly and on a free stride going round 3rd Pye’s Burnden Limitless.

OB. 6-1abs.
1st Carter’s Susancar Anna Compliss JW.
What a pretty feminine head on this delightful B/W, lean skull flat cheeks, balanced muzzle, the most melting expression from lovely dark correctly shaped eyes, good lip placement, crested neck good forehand angluation, clearly defined withers, short back good topline, elegant underline, well angulated rear, moved with purposeful easy action. 2nd Griffiths’s Lanfrese Kepi D’ Elle. Cobby R/W with an almost old fashioned outline, no flash or flamboyance, just good proportions & sound correct construction, good head, really expressive eye & superb width & depth of muzzle, strong neck of good length, broad flat back, strong loin, hammy quarters with good turn of stifle, she is sound as a pound on the move, true away & back and holding her shape going round. 3rd Huckerby & Dowell’s Norwilbeck Smart Move JW.

VB 1-0abs.
1st Miller’s Ch Roamaro First Issue by Walkon.
I am so pleased to get another chance to go over this lovely bitch, last time she was just back after a litter and had lost her mojo. glorious head with excellent rise to her lean skull, excellent width & depth of muzzle, wonderful eye and expression, very good mouth, crested neck clearly defined withers, plenty of height of foreleg, and true front with cat feet, good depth of brisket, broad & sloping topline, strong in loin, elegant underline, sweeping quarters, her movement shows great extension & drive. Last 4 CC & Best Veteran.

GCB. 2-0 abs. ( VHC & unplaced in PG )
1st Clarke’s Sarsbrook Fashionista,
B/W with pleasing head of good proportions, a compact body producing a square outline, sweeping quarters, held shape going round. 2nd Wilson’s Charfields Little Miss at Thorpaige.