Border Union Ch Show
18th June 2017

Thanks to the exhibitors who entered and made not the easiest journey to the Scottish borders (so worth it on arrival) making Boxers not only the highest entry in the Group, but the 3rd highest entry of all 4 groups on the 2nd day.

5 years ago I commented that the basic dimensions of the Boxer were at risk. Sadly since then it has become a bigger problem. The opening paragraph of the standard calls for the general appearance to be medium sized, and of square build. I’m concerned that we are losing this. It’s worrying how many dogs are too tall, too long, and therefore too weak, with a height based on 1 third body depth and two thirds daylight, not therefore medium sized. The basic dimensions being, depth of chest from withers to elbow & length of foreleg being equal. Also length of body from forechest to rear of upper thigh should be the same as the height at withers. This provides the square outline. Today I was conscious not to reward exhibits who did not have the basic make and shape required. I gave up critiquing mouths as precious few were good in all depts. Bitches in particular seem to lack width, even big winners. That said, there are undoubtedly some stunning bitches currently being shown, which must auger well for the future but can cause a headache for a judge. The challenge for RCC caused a devil’s advocate moment, between heart & head. I love the open winner, she has a formidable record & she did nothing wrong. I could have become rooted to the spot looking for a significant factor to separate her and my junior, but for 2 further breeds following in my ring. Heart won as she has a slightly cleaner head, and all the good ones have to start somewhere, right?

MPD. 3-0abs.
1/ Miller’s Walkon Big Star
, what a great start to see a cracker for the first time, extremely classy b/w baby of just 6 months, full of raw promise, he has overall quality & style, delightful head clean cut with correct balance of muzzle to skull & correct shaped eye, good neck well used, short coupled, moved out gaily holding his shape. BPD 2/ Mair’s Glenauld Valegro, lovely head on this b/w with blocky muzzle good rise of skull dark expressive eye, good topline and underline, well muscled rear, would just prefer more forehand angulation to balance out. 3/ Lafferty’s Jackintabox Harlequin.

1/ Seeney’s Maranseen Endeavour
Attractive db/w with cleanly structured head, eye of correct shape & colour offering bright friendly expression, good pigmentation, straight mouth but could be wider, good neck of ample length correct topline & tailset, super rear moved with purpose retaining his super outline going round. 2/ Brough & Murray’s Limubox Fool O Scotch, one I’ve admired & close up, g b/w of square build, balanced head with full muzzle good stop and correct rise of skull, arched neck of good length, straight front, short coupled, strength in rear with good width of thigh, positive mover. 3/ Kelly’s Casemates Gandalf

1/Pynegar’s Berwynfa Toy Story
, compact frame on this r/w, stylish clean cut lines, pleasing head with strongly padded muzzle correct lip placement & evident chin, short & square, moved with rear drive from strongly muscled quarters, holding shape well. Would just prefer more forehand angluation to complete. 2/ Davis’s Bricliff Prince Charming. heavier set b/w, his head is too coarse with excess flesh, strong forehand assembly with evident forechest very substantial body, looks a lot older than junior, held his shape going round but paced badly

1/ Mullis’s Idleford Crackerjack
this b/w has a well balanced head with full muzzle good stop and rise, keen alert expression, a bit steep in front, good sloping topline & tuck up, holds his shape well in profile but needs firmer musculation in quarters to provide rear drive. 2/ Harmer’s Stelengolds Got The Bug, r/w with bags of substance, strong head but not over wrinkled or fleshy, powerfully developed muzzle & underjaw, he has good construction, everything is in the right place, with any degree of elegance he would be impressive, moved round well with a driving hind action. 3/ Carter’s Susancar Aaron Dayvue

1/ Henderson’s Taranut Stereotype
, well made b/w with a good head strong but in no way coarse, well proportioned body with clean muscular neck ,not always well used, true well boned front, strength thru his torso with good spring of rib & broad flat back correctly angulated quarters, it’s all there he just lacks a bit of style & sparkle. 2/ Hyde’s Stothard Pure Didly Dokely JW, taller b/w with a striking outline, well balanced headpiece with flat cheeks and correct width & depth of muzzle, lovely expressive dark eye, arched neck and he does use it, true front &feet, well angulated quarters, expertly handled as ever, holds outline on the move, an impressive dog who just lost out on shoulder & upper arm angles. 3/ Payne’s Boxania Spice Innovation at Birleyvale

1/ Fay-Smith’s Winuwuk Scouting For Girls at Lorrosa
, this g b/w excels in head, well chiselled free from excess flesh with flat cheeks, broad nose with wide nostrils, a powerfully developed muzzle evident chin, excellent pigmentation, really expressive well shaped eye, strong neck of good length, well defined withers, super forehand angulation true front and tight feet, plenty of heart room with good width & depth of chest, correctly angulated hammy quarters. He doesn’t always put all the effort in, but today despite the heat he went really well for his keen handler showing that bit of oomph that resulted in his 1st CC. I hope he stays trim and interested to have a go at his title. 2/ Carter’s Susancar Ray Zarbett. I’ve long admired the construction of this b/w lighter framed than 1 with a very stylish outline, crested neck flowing into well laid shoulders, straight front good feet, clearly defined withers, square in outline, excellent combination of balance &type, moves on an unrestricted stride, although lacks rear propulsion, his head is cleanly structured with a well shaped expressive eye, I would just prefer more width throughout. 3/ Beardsell & Van Beck’s Newlaithe Bug On JW

1/ McArdle’s Ch Redmol Read All About It at McArmadale
striking d b/w that looked today as good as I’ve ever seen him, very good head, clean dry skull with flat cheeks good rise of skull& stop full muzzle appealing eye & expression, ample neck well used, clean cut outline with well laid shoulders, broad flat back, sweeping quarters with correct angulation, moved out on a free stride retaining his shape well RCC. 2/ Kelly’s Ch Casemates Dumbledore JW elegant r/w of high station, with cleanly structured head no excess wrinkle, excellent rise of skull, flat cheeks, balanced muzzle distinct stop, wide underjaw, ample length of neck flowing into excellent forehand from shoulder & upper arm to his tight knuckled feet, correct firm sloping topline, well angulated & muscled quarters with short hocks, moved on a sound & unrestricted stride. 3/ Watson & Crooks’s Ch Roylark Commander In Chief

MPB. 7-1abs
1/ Griffiths’s Lanfrese Limelight
, Oh hairs on the back of the neck time! My BPIB, this precocious puppy is straight out of the top drawer. Such a sharp elegant outline, beautifully feminine clean cut head with lean skull excellent rise, & balanced muzzle, dark well shaped eye giving a delightful expression, super pigmentation, crested neck flowing into a lovely forehand assembly, so well made with no hint of exaggeration, it would be difficult to stand wrong, I think her breeder must have a cloning machine at home, her movement is active yet effortless which was so apparent in the big ring, where she put in a fantastic performance to take the Working Puppy Group. 2/McCarthy & Gething’s Sunvalley Careless Heart at Jeddhi, lighter framed g b/w super headpiece with good balance of muzzle to skull, correct size & shape of eye providing a soft expression, balanced body properties but not quite the angles of 1, played up going away, but free striding going round. 3/ Beardesll & Van Beck’s Lanfrese Suits Newlaithe

PB. 12-4 abs.
1/ Kelly’s Casemates Hufflepuff
, quality r/w a mature puppy of excellent proportions, balanced head with correct muzzle to skull ratio just a tad overwrinked at present, she appealed for her excellent shoulder /upper arm construction, well boned straight front tight feet, good depth of brisket & spring of rib, super well developed quarters, moved soundly away & back and smoothly going round. 2/ Pynegar’s Highcrest Coco Chanel at Berwynfa, close up, loved the chiselled headpiece on this elegant b/w, with such a mischievous expression, she has a balanced flowing outline arched neck of good length good topline sweeping underline, short and square, just a shade steep in forehand angluation, moved gaily holding her shape well. 3/ Barry’s Casemates Magic Dust at Tapputi

1/ Payne’s Birleyvale Bellissima
d b/w teeming with quality short & square, superb balance of substance required with added elegance and style, I loved her sculptured head, lean skull melting expression from dark eye of correct shape & size, blocky muzzle with developed underjaw & evident chin, lip to lip placement, crested neck defined withers, firm sloping topline, excellent angles for & aft, moved with style & soundness. RCC. 2/Huckerby & Dowell’s Greenawell Razamataz for Norwilbeck Bellchime, another I’ve admired since her debut, but today she was not at her best, maybe due to a change of handler and the excessive heat she wasn’t settled and her performance erratic, good headed b/w with expressive eye, reachy neck, sound in topline, short coupled. I know she can move well but today just not on form today. I’m sorry but judging could not be held up to wait as there were 2 further breeds in the ring following Boxers. 3/ Saunby’s Sleipnir Lady Helena

1/ Pearce, Francis & Townshend’s Jenroy Clarice Cliff with Longsdale
, oh there go those hairs again. This bitch is the epitome of balance and elegance, her sharp clean outline flows from top to tail with not the merest hint of any exaggeration whatsoever. gorgeous feminine head of excellent proportions, & captivating intelligent expression from beautiful dark eyes, crested neck from the nape, smooth down to the withers, sloping topline & bang on tailset, short &square, super forehand well developed quarters, well schooled & shown in perfect muscular condition, her movement active effortless, with an unrestricted stride, delighted to award her a 1st CC & BOB, she put in a faultless performance in the Group where she was shortlisted to the last 7. 2/ Griffiths’s Lanfrese Chin Chin. A favourite of mine, a size bigger than1, another excellent combination of substance with the required degree of elegance. Stronger head but not too much, she also possesses a lean skull flat cheeks, & full muzzle, dark eyes of correct size & shape, reachy arched neck parallel front well off for bone, strong thru the torso yet retaining a smooth outline, strongly muscled rear with well developed 2nd thigh, another free striding powerful action with excellent rear drive. I wish all Boxers could be shown in the condition and presentation of these 2 kennels, it’s obvious so much is done behind the scenes. 3/ Godwin’s Tyegarth Negroni

1/ Henderson’s Taranut Typescript
this b/w has a balanced head with good rise of skull & powerfully developed muzzle, intelligent outlook from correctly shaped dark eye, ample neck, good shoulder placement, well boned strong limbs & well knuckled feet, square in overall outline, held topline well on move, everything is in the right place but would prefer just a tad more elegance, moved with purpose on a free stride. 2/ Clayforth’s Sunvalley Touching Wood at Tyslee lighter framed gb/w with elegant outline arched neck short coupled, well angulated quarters, pleasing head with lovely soft expression, just lost out to 1 on forehand angulation. 3/ Wooliss’s Boxania Jitterbug with Rameleon

1/ Stupart’s Nerroli Fairi Tail Teller at Loraimie
I have never seen this d b/w look better than she did today, she has a pretty feminine head with clean skull no over wrinkle, distinct stop and enough width & depth of muzzle, arched neck reachy and well used to advantage, good front, short sloping topline sweeping underline, correctly angulated quarters, a free striding bitch, well handled today to get the best out of her ( no overstretching ) she sparkled in the sun and demanded her place. 2/ Mair’s Glenauld Tasmin JW, very smart b/w with good head & expressive eye, arched neck, good front strong thru the torso correctly angulated rear, short in hock, just a little untidy moving away but retains her good shape going round with a free gait 3/ Pearce & Francis’s Longsdale Let It Go

1/ Griffiths’s Maybe at Lanfrese
, Oh dear! Such a class act, teeming with quality and so beautifully balanced, neat, totally square in outline. very good strong head, but based on bone structure not coarse or fleshy, beautifully expressive eye, crested neck of good length, clearly defined withers superb forehand with excellent shoulders, parallel front well knuckled cat like feet, firm sloping topline and smooth tuck up, powerfully developed quarters with hammy thighs &excellent muscle tome, short in hock, used well for rear propulsion, she moves with a purposeful easy ground covering stride. As one of her greatest fans, she is incredibly unlucky not to have had a green card from me. 2/ McCarthy & Gething’s Ch Sunvalley Heart On Fire at Jeddhi, a lighter framed b/w bitch who oozes quality, she has an elegance and refinement about her almost regal,, stunning chiselled head with flat cheeks and blocky muzzle, dark expressive eyes, beautifully balanced in outline & good to get your hands on, with crested neck super front, good topline, short thru loin and correctly angulated quarters, moved soundly just lacked a bit of drive, maybe the heat got to her, it did me! 3/McCardle’s Redmol Ina Pickle at McArmadale

Claire Kay (judge)