Southern Counties Ch Show
4th June, 2006

I would like to thank the exhibitors for the high attendance, & for the sporting manner in which they accepted my decisions, which contributed in no small part to my enjoyment of the day. Also the show organisers for allotting Boxers one of the best rings I've ever seen, such a change from the postage stamps with pot holes! I only received the appointment 5 days prior to the show, due to the illness of the German all rounder, Christopher Habig, but I believe the bush telegraph had been hot all week & with help from the internet the majority of exhibitors were aware of the change of judge. Conscious of the huge entry, & hot weather, I decided to work through for a timely conclusion, and was pleased to finish just after 3pm. It seems churlish to moan about the glorious weather, but I did feel for some exhibitors when their dogs could not cope with the intense heat. Upon completion of the dog classes, my inclination was that the green cards would be awarded to the 2 open dogs, but circumstances took over in the challenge when my open dog winner gave up the ghost, obviously affected by the heat. It was no reflection on the dog, although I was disappointed. That said, the junior dog is nobody’s second string & it was no compromise for him to take the ultimate award. It is worth noting that the green card winners & BP were all shown in the most excellent order, it is obvious that plenty of work is done at home on conditioning and presentation. On the other end of the scale there were a few who were soft as butter & downright filthy, having obviously been dragged out of a kennel, & straight into the ring. Mouth’s were generally dire, some exhibits had the full range of faults, too undershot, narrow, wry, & tiny teeth thrown in a heap. I was delighted with both of the line up’s.

MPD (16-2.)
1/ Miller’s Walkon Made N Issue,
Very much reminicent of his grandsire, Crocodile Dundee, this well grown g b/w just oozes quality. lovely balanced head with lean skull, correct muzzle & lip placement, wide underjaw, well shaped eye giving delightful expression, reachy neck good shoulders well off for bone, tight feet, his outline is at present rangy as it must be for a puppy of this size at this age, rather like an unfurnished yearling colt, but the talent, albeit raw is all there, well schooled & confident he moved on a free stride with style and held his shape going round, BPIB. 2/ Willmott’s Scentosa Barachuda A smaller more compact outline on this striking g b/w, another clean head with correct balance of skull to muzzle and good mouth, super expression from correct eye, correct angles fore & aft, good topline well held on move, sound away & back, impressive puppy with bright future. 3/ Bell & Beardow’s Belvern Storm Lord.

PD (13-3.)
1/ Pynegar’s Berwynfa Bulletproof,
well schooled b/w, good head strong enough for age, a forward pup with strength and maturity seldom seen at this time. In fact all the males from this kennel seem to come out at 6 months full size and forward, the down side of this being the lack of scope for further development. stylish dog with good front topline and tailset, well muscled rear, would prefer slightly more length of neck to balance out frame, shown in excellent condition & moved with drive. 2/ Rees & Jenkin’s Emand Hot Shot b/w with a neater more compact outline than 1 & close up, good head with dark eye and soft expression, good mouth, balanced body lines but tendancy to lose topline, good legs & feet, short hocks, moved with purpose. 3/ Morgan’s Flashniks Fido.

JD (9-3.)
1/ Drinkwater’s Sulez Shorenuff,
d b/w straight out of the top drawer, sculptured head with not an ounce of excess flesh, clean dry skull with flat cheeks and good rise, good width & depth of muzzle & correct lip placement, good mouth, eye of correct shape & colour & such expression, he can look like butter wouldn’t melt!, not many dogs could “get away” with a full white collar but it seems to add to this dog’s appeal, for me his “flashy” side creates impact and commands attention. The crested neck flows into well laid shoulders, evident forechest, short strong back, well ribbed, he moved true & soundly driving off his broad well muscled quarters & went round on an unrestricted smooth stride retaining his excellent shape. I know this dog can give his handler a hard time, but today he did not put a foot wrong, this polished performance earned him his 2nd CC & BOB. 2/ Cowell & Richard’s Sandexe Benjiama At Astralune, smart b/w with good overall shape, strong head with well padded muzzle, well angulated rear, moved with purpose, unlucky to meet a dog of the calibre of 1. 3/ Pye’s Sumerset Special To Burnden.

YD (9-0.)
1/ Pynegar’s Berwynfa Game Boy,
substansial g b/w of full size, strong head with powerfully developed muzzle but somewhat harsh expression, arched neck well used, defined withers short strong back well muscled quarters, moved freely, presented in excellent condition & handled to advantage. 2/ Johnson’s Sonshoby Mr Sandman, close up but just lacked the scope of 1, cobby r/w good head blocky well padded muzzle, dark expressive eye, short coupled to give square appearance, correctly angulated rear with short hocks, scores on his positive movement. 3/ Frazer’s Daitoff The Cardinal.

MD (7-3.)
1/ Melville & Gething’s Jeddhi Yankee Pasha,
just out of puppy this d b/w is coming on in leaps & bounds, copybook head with good rise of skull & balanced muzzle, correctly shaped dark eye giving desired expression, crested neck flowing into well constructed forehand assembly, straight front good pasterns & feet, well angulated quarters, though condition is soft, held his shape on the move, a shade more foreleg height & a little more oomph would complete the picture. Last 4 CC. 2/ Morison’s Xandene Midnight Express g b/w taller with a rangy appearance, not as forward as 1 he still looks light thru the torso, a little more condition here could help, balanced head with good rise of skull & full muzzle, ample neck, good topline & tailset, free striding going round & well presented. 3/ Mathew’s Brubor Mr Moonlight.

GD (10-0)
1/ Seeney’s Maranseen Daggers Drawn,
b/w, good head with clean skull & balanced muzzle, well developed forehand, good bone, straight front, tight feet, wish he would put more effort into his showing, moved soundly but lacked verve. 2/ Miller’s Roamaro Knot To Be Mist At Walkon, lighter framed b/w with not quite the shoulder angulation of 1, straight front good pasterns & feet, excellent topline & tailset, sweeping underline, well muscled rear, held his shape well going round, handled to advantage. 3/ Carter’s Susancar Hugh Bett.

PGD (16-2.)
1/ Drew’s Shobeck Back To The Future At Hollyn,
g b/w with lovely head, good rise of skull, dark well shaped eye offering soft friendly expression, correct stop, good lip placement & chin, decent front assembly, short coupled to give square outline, good turn of stifle, moved with an unrestricted gait. 2/ Clarke & Warde’s Haygina Prince Charming, close up, cobbier b/w with substance yet not cloddy, arched neck, defined withers, broad flat back, strongly muscled quarters with hammy thighs, moved with drive, decent head but just preferred cleaner lines of 1. 3/ Lay’s Swiftwood Johnny Jumpup.

LD (17-5.)
1/ Clark’s Clarkenwells Rogue Trader,
I have long admired the attributes of this handsome b/w & he has never looked better than today. He excels in profile with the perfect balance of substance to elegance, strong & muscular throughout, crested neck flowing into one of the best forehands in the ring, excellent shoulder & upper arm, gun barrel front, heavy bone, strong pasterns & tight feet, deep chest, broad flat back, sweeping tuck up, well muscled quarters, broad upper thigh, too long in lower thigh causing over angulation, he moves with reach covering the ground easily, clean skull, good width & depth of muzzle, slightly long in foreface, excellent wide underjaw, I would prefer a softer expression. Although not quite the complete package this dogs virtues far outweigh his faults, I feel he has a lot to offer. His performance today was immaculate, and in the circumstances I could not deny him the Res CC. 2/ Taylor’s Newlaithe Look At Me, surprised myself here, I liked this r/w more than I thought I would. loved his head, good balance of muzzle to skull, lovely eye & melting expression, excellent mouth arched neck of good length, good shoulders, straight front tight pasterns & knuckled feet, shade long cast, level topline well held,well angulated with short hocks, moved with good reach of stride but today lacked rear propulsion. 3/ Malcolm’s Britroys Hot Foot To Skelder.

OD (9-3.)
1/ Bell & Beardow’s Ch⁄Ire Ch Belvern Premonition,
headed a stunning open dog class, it was particularly close from 1st to 3rd as I love (and have used) all 3. Separating the winner & 2/ Phelp’s Ch Sleipnir Olaf The Stout was the closest decision of the day & it ended up literally “on the nod” Both benefit from a super chiselled head, strong but not fleshy with dark well shaped eye & super alert expression, powerfully developed muzzle, upsweep of lower jaw to provide good lip placement and chin, they both have contsruction of ideal proportions, a clean cut, square unexaggerated outline, crested muscular necks flowing into good shoulders, well boned strong limbs, deep chested, well ribbed, short thru loin, super topline & tailset, well shaped quarters with correct turn of stifle, & short hocks. They moved on an unrestricted stride, with good reach & drive retaining their profile going round. In the class both gave a faultless performance, as did, 3/ Schofield’s Ch Koppernox Mickey Finn.

VD (1-0.)
1/ Mair’s Ch/Ire Ch Gervalmark At Gryffe Via Glenauld,
alone, this youthful Ch gave a performance to belie his years, clean headed b/w with good skull, balanced muzzle & keen expression, arched neck of good length, straight front tight pasterns & well knuckled feet, good topline well held on the move, went round like a bomb, with attitude

MPB (17-3.)
1/ Seeney’s Maranseen Rave Review,
this tall well grown rangy b/w has a lean head with good rise of skull & lovely expression, muzzle still to break, super crested neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good front, good topline well held, & tailset, a shade light in rear but her whole frame is weak as can only be when she is this tall so young, at least she has plenty of scope for development, 2/ Button’s Ranfire Back In Business At Breweign very pretty headed b/w with lovely eye & expression, neat outline, moved on a flowing stride, held shape on move, not as good as 1 in shoulder. 3/ Bell & Beardow’s Belvern Bright Sky.

PB (16-7 )
1/ Pynegar’s Berwynfa Doll-Daga-Buzz-Buzz,
b/w with a very attractive head, clean skull good muzzle, dark well shaped eye melting expression, crested neck, good shoulder, super bone & feet, short back, overangulated in rear & seemed a little unsettled at times, shown in lovely condition & handled to advantage. BPB. 2/ Bell & Beardow’s Belvern Pure Majic, this tall b/w had an elegant outline, presently raw with a fair bit of maturing to do but with obvious quality & plenty of scope for further development, she was also handled to make the most of her virtues, but could not match the head or shoulders of 1. 3/ Clark’s Clarkenwells Funky Trader.

JB (22-6.)
1/ Cattanach’s Steynmere Top Notch,
this b/w is quite a big girl with an attractive head of lean proportions, correct balance of muzzle to skull & well shaped dark eye, uses her ample neck well, short firm back, sweeping underline, strongly developed rear which gave her propulsion on the move. 2/ Freeman’s Testwood Bouzy Rouge, strong sizeable r/w with bags of substance, a good head & a slightly exaggerated outline, definitely a Marilyn Monroe not a twiggy, good bone, plenty of heartroom, broad back well angulated for & aft, broad well developed quarters which she used well, she shows with the attitude of “if youv’e got – flaunt it” I kept being drawn to this bitch, but she just lacked the refinement of winner. 3/ Pye’s Wyndel Heiress To Burden.

YB (18-6.)
1/ Green’s Shiloh Painted Lady For Honeybox,
my notes start “sheer class” this beautifully balanced r/w has such a sharp clean outline & an attractive feminine head, she is the latest example of why one should not discount an unpigmented eye out of hand, today it was not obviously apparent & did not in any way detract from her expression, super neck & front assembly, short back, moved soundly away & back, & very smooth going round with an unrestricted stride & good drive from well muscled quarters. To be hyper-critical, I just wish there was a little more of her, no hesitation in short listing her to the Last 4 CC. 2/ Marshall-Curtis’s Santarra In A Spin At Marcurt, taller d b/w, another smooth outline & balanced pretty head, arched neck well proportioned body lines, good turn of stifle, moved on a free stride, could not match the shoulder angles of 1. 3/ Johnson’s Sonshoby Shady Lady

MB (13-4.)
1/ Mair’s Glenauld Trinity,
I have liked this top quality b/w since I first saw her aged 5 months, just out of puppy she gave nothing away to her rivals, super head & expression, arched neck, well angulated fore & aft, short coupled presenting a neat outline, strong well developed quarters, moved with drive & style, in time this one could go all the way. 2/ Miller’s Walkon Miss Fix-It, taller b/w with a bigger frame, another good head, keen expression, not quite the shoulder angles of 1, good bone & feet, correct topline, well held on move, would prefer sharper tuck up, strongly muscled rear used to drive her round the ring on a good stride. 3/ Lay’s Swiftwood Summertime Blues.

GB (20-6.)
1/ Mathew’s Brubor Sex In The City,
another favourite of mine, she reminds me of a “Gladiator” child, lovely balanced head with dark well shaped eye & melting expression, crested neck, super front good bone & tight feet, good spring of rib, short thru loin, well muscled quarters with correct angles, short hocks, held her lovely shape in profile going round. Nit-picking a shade more foreleg height would be the icing on the cake, but easily enough attributes to take into the last 4 CC. 2/ Philipson’s Gemilia Have You Seen Her, no cant say I have, this quality b/w is a new one to me, taller rangier type than 1 but with flowing lines, balanced feminine head not quite as finished as 1, ample neck well used, defined withers into short level backline, bang on tailset, good bone & feet, held shape on move but lacked drive, smart bitch. 3/ Brook’s Jinnybrux Just Suppose.

PGB (20-4)
1/ Huckerby & Dowell’s Bellchime Special Edition,
very well balanced neat g b/w of near ideal proportions, very good head, well developed, but not overdone & and correct eye, good angles fore & aft, moved with purpose, sympathetically handled to advantage, just wish she was a size bigger. 2/ Beardsell & Van-Beck’s Newlaithe Just Stunning, & she is. This taller r/w’s clean cut outline just flows, well developed head with blocky muzzle broad nostrils & evident chin, preferred expression of 1, arched neck super topline, good tuck up, strong limbed & free striding. 3/ Mair’s Alcomar Designer Label For Glenauld.

LB (18-8)
1st Phelp’s Sleipnir Viking Goddess,
teeming with quality this g b/w is square in profile with the correct degree of elegance & style, beautiful chiselled headpiece with lean skull, good width & depth of muzzle, excellent lip placement & good mouth, melting expression from dark correct shaped eyes. crested neck flowing into superb forehand, with correct shoulder & upper arm angles, gun barrel front with strong pasterns & knuckled feet, clearly defined withers into broad flat back, short thru loin, correctly angulated quarters well developed with excellent muscle tone, (so rare) her movement is active yet effortless & her stride unrestricted. I have previously thought her a bit “on the leg” but she is maturing nicely, today this bitch positively sparkled in the sun & demanded her 3rd CC. 2/ Mair’s Stravogan Special Design For Glenauld, there is such a lot to like about this neat b/w, clean head free from excess flesh with correct balance of muzzle to skull, dark well shaped eye, arched neck , good shoulders, short coupled with strong backend, she moves with purpose & drive, today did not quite perform to her capabilities. 3/ Miller’s Walkon Bunny Girl.

OB (8-2)
1st Drinkwater’s Ch Sulez Black Magic,
I'm not going to trip out a list of this bitches most obvious virtues, anyone who is not aware of Magic’s illustrious career must have been living on the planet Zog. I will however say that I last judged her when she was just out of puppy and having an “off”day”, her head was still plain & a little down faced, and she really did not want to move. Whilst she was never an ugly duckling, she certainly has developed into a beautiful swan, and she knows it, today her aura is positively regal and the uptilt to the muzzle is very much there adding to the air of superiority. No sign of lethargy on the move today, and like the limit winner she is always presented in such pristine condition, in a close decision I just preferred the exceptional head of CC winner, but pleased to add to her sack of Res CC’s. 2/ Laidlaw’s Alcomar’s Oak Smoked with Roamaro, I feel for this lovely bitch, as I feel for several potential Ch’s who have been unlucky enough to be shown in direct opposition to Black Magic. There really is very little wrong with this one, so beautifully balanced with a total flowing outline, she retains the same lovely shape whether stacked or in profile going round. I gave her grand dam Hazy Daze a Res CC in 97, & she is very much in the same mould, to nit pick she does not quite have the captivating expression of either her grannie or Magic, but a bitch who belongs in the upper house, I hope her crown is not far away. 3/ Bell & Beardow’s Ch/Ire Ch Belvern Stormy Sky.

VB (2-0)
1/ Vearncombe & Turrell’s Ruption Blue Lagoon,
& 2/ Watson’s Tyegarth Ponnelle At Brindlion, 2 enthusiastic pensioners who put up a good performance and moved striding out with aplomb. 1 had a better overall balance of outline, 2 was smaller, stockier & too short in neck.