Scottish Boxer Club Ch Show
Sunday 23rd March, 2008

Best In Show in total agreement with my co-judge, Mark Johnston from Australia, was the stunning bitch, Ire Ch Killeaton Grattitude. For the many that do not know her, this was her first trip to the mainland. She does have a CC and a RCC, but they were gained at the Irish Boxer Club Ch show consecutively in 06 and 07. I have tried several times to buy her. It is unfortunate that she cannot be campaigned over here as she could be one of the greats, she is one of the best Ive seen since her illustrious granny Scotch Mist graced the ring. Best Puppy also went to the Bitch, Walkon Tantrum's n Tiara’s at Bonobo, this was a close run decision as I was impressed with my dog, I conceded however to the bitch on movement, as my dog had a full tail, and the bitch was docked. There is no doubting the tail affects the rear movement causing almost a swaying action, unfortunately this is something we are going to have to learn to live.

Thanks to the committee and the exhibitors I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Whilst one should never “know” what one is going to do before the event, anyone who belongs to the band of addicts who are ringside week in week out, will have a short list of dogs they look forward to getting their hands on, and I am no exception. Only one of those was absent as his owner was out of the country. My CC winner was a surprise to me; he was not on my mental short list. In fact a less experienced exhibitor who does not understand how dogs can “come on” and “go off” would probably not have been there as this was the third time Ive judged the dog in little over a year. In a breed open puppy stakes a year ago I placed him 4th in his class when he was a gawky gangly pup all in bits with nothing quite fitting together. Last August he was under me at Navan, where he won junior and was last 3 for the Green Star, he was coming together but was still too weak and immature for the green cards. I never would have thought that in less than 6 months time, I would be awarding him a CC. My RCC was the opposite, I have long admired this dog, he has damn near all the attributes on my wish list. My Best Puppy as a baby at S Counties 06 he is the real deal, particularly that exquisite head, which took Best Head in Show with only the maiden winner coming close. (I selected 3 dogs for this award, but my CC winner did not turn up, It would not have affected the result) For me he has not totally settled into his showing yet this year, but it was only his 4th event of the season.

MPD (6-1abs)
1/ Bank’s Norwatch Sunhawk Spotlight
b/w with lovely head, correct balance of muzzle to skull and bright alert expression, crested neck into well laid shoulders, good topline tailset and well angulated rear, moved on a free stride and held his shape going round BPD. 2/ Miller’s Walkon Bob The Builder, another good head with lean skull and good width & depth of muzzle, soft expression, he is such a tall dog for 61/2 months, and although everything was in the right place it does not all quite fit together yet and this was apparent going round, very promising. 3/ Marshall-Curtis’s Marcurt Look of Lust.

PD (7-0abs)
1/ Mair’s Star Attraction At Glenauld,
good headed b/w with correct rise of skull and powerfully developed muzzle, arched neck good shoulder assembly evident forechest, short coupled strong & muscular throughout, enabling him to power round the ring on a good stride, well turned out in hard condition (so rare) he could go all the way. 2/ Grove’s & Hare’s Jimbren Drunk N Dribblin, lost my notes on this b/w but as I remember he had a compact neat outline short back, balanced head with dark eye, held shape on move but lacked the drive of 1. 3/ Beardsell & Van-Beck’s Magical Trick From Newlaithe.

JD (8-0abs)
1/ Wimbush’s Redmol Telegram Sam,
classy medium sized b/w of square appearance with a clean balanced head super neck and well boned limbs good feet, a touch steep in upper arm to shoulder, short back, correctly angulated quarters which lack definition, he needs stronger exercise to muscle him up. His overall profile took him thru to the last 4 for the CC, but there in the nitty gritty his soft condition took its toll. 2/ and close up, Mair’s Glenauld Tristam, b/w with good head and melting expression, crested muscular neck well laid shoulder short strong back and correctly muscled rear providing propulsion on the move. A touch more foreleg height would complete the picture. 3/ Carter’s Alf Abett For Susancar.

MD (6-1abs)
1/ Ward Davies Brown & Hutching’s Lichdel Uncle Silas At Winuwuk,
how lucky is this kennel to acquire a youngster of such high station? just out of puppy he is pure potential Such a sculptured headpiece, which was very nearly the best of the day he also has a particularly good mouth (so rare), crested neck, clearly defined withers a tall dog a bit rakish and weak with a lot of maturing still to do, but he has such scope, His natural talent and unrestricted effortless movement took him straight thru to the last 4 for the CC, but once there his lack of maturity and condition had to be considered and he could go no further. 2/ Cobb’s Stanryk Dream Ryder, another b/w just moved up from puppy, he is a more substantial dog than 1 with a clean cut head good eye and expression, another dog whose outline flows because he is well balanced. With work he could go a long way, but he needs to strengthen on his backend as he has a tendency to stand cow-hocked and handler must keep him in check. 3/ Drinkwater’s Sulez Back To Black.

YD (6-0)
1/ Grove’s & Hare’s Verileas Dancing Deano At Jimbren,
it was such a close decision between 1 & 2 yet they are so different. This dog does not have immediate impact, but is so good to get your hands on, he is one of those sound honest workmanlike Boxers with not a lot wrong, a good head slightly drier than 2, soft expression & good mouth, strong muscular arched neck, well laid shoulder super true front with good bone and cat like feet. Short strong back, well held topline, shown in hard muscular condition he scored on his positive movement he was precise smooth & unrestricted in stride with good drive from a well muscled rear. In the challenge he had to pull out all the stops to beat the open winner, it was “on the nod” but he never put a foot wrong and his polished performance earned him his 1st CC. 2/ Bank’s News Night At Sunhawk Norwatch, set up I just love this glamorous db/w. he is so flamboyant in his attitude with great ring presence and style in spade’s. beautifully balanced in outline everything flowing so well, his head is strong enough with a well-padded muzzle but not overwrinkled. I love his forehand angles. Good topline and well-angulated quarters. He is let down somewhat on the move although he holds his shape well going round, he is untidy away and back and this cost him the RCC to the open winner. 3/ Boyd’s Millue Artful Dodger

ND ( 5-0)
1/ Cobb’s Stanryk Dream Ryder,
2nd in maiden class, 2/ Poole-Bartlett’s Sonshoby Mr Hennessey at Bartlans, this gb/w presents a clean cut balanced square outline with arched neck good lay of shoulder and true front short coupled and well angulated rear. Had to give a 2nd chance to move as he mucked about at first but once settled he did enough to earn his place. 3/ Ward Davies Brown & Hutching’s Winuwuk Up Close n Personal.

GD (5-0 abs)
1/ Chippendale’s More Mayhem For Mylicam,
this r/w has come on in leaps and bounds during the winter he has strengthened thru his torso and quarters. He has an elegant balanced outline a touch upright in forehand good neck and topline. His head is balanced with good muzzle to skull ratio he just lacks expression, can be a handful but today put his best foot forward. 2/ Carter’s Susancar Kurt n Call, another r/w of square appearance who is shorter and cobbier set than 1, good head with blocky muzzle, unpigmented eye apparent today, well schooled he did all that was asked of him just lacked verve. 3/ Robson’s Staberley Sundance at Langdorf.

PGD (6-0)
1/ Mair’s Sunkap Spellminder at Glenauld
b/w good head with lean skull and balanced muzzle, well developed forehand, good bone and topline, Ive liked this dog for a while but his many physical attributes are marred by his lack of enthusiasm for the game, he is very sympathetically handled and today did just enough. 2/ Bee’s Sunhawk Norwatch Magic Spel At Beean a taller r/w with crested neck defined withers correct topline and tailset, balanced in profile, well structured head but a bit blank in expression. 3/ Anderson’s Wilflo Boyce Boy.

MLD (6-0)
1/ Knight’s Walkon Surely Not At Sarsbrook
this stylish b/w has a compact outline and balanced head, good neck of ample length flows into good shoulders, true front and neat feet, short back, well muscled rear, to be hyper critical I would just like a little more of him 2/ Neilson’s Hillroy High n Dry At Borestone. This db/w took his place on construction and showmanship, he is a showing fool, moved with drive and purpose but a bit agitated I just find him fleshy in head and a touch stuffy in neck. 3/ Mair’s Alcomar The Designer At Glenauld

LD (6-0)
1/ Melville & Gething’s Jeddhi Yankee Pasha,
compact b/w with flowing outline, good shoulders, super bone, good topline & tailset, well angulated rear, lovely head with good rise of skull & depth of muzzle correctly shaped dark eye, good lip placement but would prefer a better mouth. 2/ McArdle’s Pringham Smokey Joe At Macarmadale taller rangier gb/w balanced head properties good eye & expression, arched neck of good length, not quite the angles of upper arm and shoulder of 1, short back, sweeping underline, correctly angulated rear, moved with purpose, 3/ Henderson’s Linncam Storymaker At Taranut.

OD (6-1abs)
1/ Miller’s Ch Walkon Made n Issue,
top class b/w with the most stunning headpiece & mouth to match. crested neck flowing into well laid shoulders and defined withers, super front with good bone. Good topline & well muscled quarters, moved on an unrestricted stride, holding shape well. shown in excellent order, strongly considered for the top honour but at the business end of the challenge he just seemed to lose focus causing him to sink into his quarters somewhat. RCC & Best Head in Show. 2/ Clarke’s Ch Clarkenwell Rogue Trader, This tall b/w is a favourite of mine, he excels in profile and is the epitome of substance to elegance. copybook shoulder and upper arm assembly, balanced head with flat cheeks and good width & depth of muzzle, super wide underjaw & a cracking mouth. Today he lacked his usual sparkle. 3/ Ward Davies Brown & Hutchings, Ch Winuwuk Lust At First Sight.