The Maffy Project

In May 2012, I took advantage of the presence in the UK of a very special dog by mating one of my bitches to him.



Maffy - Twinkle Star V Eurozone

Twinkle Star V Eurozone

“Maffy” and his breeder/owner Alexandra Gav visited the UK allowing discerning UK breeders the unique opportunity of obtaining fresh blood from one of the all round best Boxers in the world.

Maffy has not only taken two of the highest titles in the world for conformation in the show ring, but he also has the titles IPO-1, ZTP & BH, for which he trained for various mental tests, inc Advanced Obedience, Tracking, and Protection work.

His owner’s claim that he is the most health tested Boxer in the world is also yet to be challenged. He has passed all his health testing with flying colours, inc HD – A, Spondylosis 0 (Free) Elbow Displaysia free, Knee Arthrosis Free, Patella Luxation Free, CARDIO CLEAR, (SAS & PS free, Murmer free (0/6) Doppler 1 & 2 years, Holtered 2007 & 2012, ARVC DNA NEGATIVE, Thyroid Normal.

This dog also has a great record as a producing sire, so far being the sire of 20 champions in 7 different countries, and he recently gained the title Sire of Merit in the US.

I selected Gucci Envy to mate to him, and I was delighted with the resulting litter. From it I kept a dog Deacon Brodie and his sister Gilt Edged

Twinkle Star V Eurozone
Deacon Brodie - 4 Weeks

Twinkle Star V Eurozone
Gilt Edged - 5 Weeks

Twinkle Star V Eurozone
Deacon Brodie - 10 Weeks

Twinkle Star V Eurozone
Gilt Edged - 10 Weeks

I have high hopes for these exciting litter mates , their progress can be followed on the pages in Current Team.