Seacrest Faustino

Dexter is the result of a mating between Seacrest Gilt Edged and Gangula Von Der Burg Singindunum.

Seacrest Faustino at fourteen weeks old

The sire is from the famous Serbian Boxer Kennel Von Der Burg Singidunum and the timing was such that he was in Germany at the time Siva was to be mated, so a road trip was planned. He was on a stud tour and training for one of his Working titles. I selected this dog as he is fully health tested for Heart, Hips, Knees, and Spondylosis, and also has passed mental and temperament tests. His character was delightful and Dexter is the spitting image of his sire.

Seacrest Faustino

Gangula’s titles are as follows, IPO 1, BH, ZTP, AD, SKK, SEL AFB. One is a compulsory socialising test and breeding exam which dogs have to pass prior to breeding in Germany, Another is a 20 Endurance test. The IPO 1 & ZTP are working titles. His health test results are as follows. HD A, HZ 0, Sp 0, knees 0/0. These are the best results possible. His pedigree includes some of the best producing dogs from parts of Europe, inc Spain and Italy.

Gangula Von Der Burg Singindunum, head shot (sire) Gangula Von Der Burg Singindunum

Gangula Von Der Burg Singindunum (sire) Gangula Von Der Burg Singindunum

As we don’t show solid Boxers in the UK, Dexter will not be campaigned in my usual way, but will attend the odd show where the judge is European.

Dexter lives along the lane with my dog sitter. If he fulfils his early promise the intention is that he will be a useful stud dog for discerning breeders, and the bonus being he will not produce whites.